Monterey again

A response to my Monterey review which seems to be generating some noise from both &

I didn’t say it was the best place in the world and I didn’t say it was the worst.
I merely said that the food was a little bland. That is coming from somebody who eats steamed veggies and brown rice all the time. If it was bland for me, it would be extremely bland for somebody who doesn’t eat healthy. I also said to give them a chance because they’re a brand new restaurant.

I never said the menu was healthy, the owner told me. Monterey had a sign on the window before they opened that said “Healthy California cuisine” or something to that effect. That is why in my review I keep bringing up the “healthy food” aspect. Maybe the food is far from being desirable to those who eat breaded fish and french fries all the time. Monterey isn’t trying to be that type of place. They are going for something different. Eat some steamed broccoli once in a while and you will know what I mean.

Here is a summary of my review:
1. Hummus – good
2. Southern Asian Fusion “BBQ spring rolls” – they were fine, but not too many appetizer choices for non-seafood eaters.
3. Fllet mignon – good meat. cooked perfectly, but bland.
4. Seabass – cooked perfectly, but too sweet. too much sugar.
5. no dessert.
6. As far as being “healthy” that is what the owner told me. So I assumed everything on the menu was supposed to be “healthy” but we know that wasn’t the case.