Photos of the Aftermath (Fire at 118 to 134 E. Park Ave.)

I road my bike over to the strip (118 to 134 E. Park Ave.) where the fire occurred and I took some photos. These were all taken at noon – 9 hours after the fire was reported. As you can see in the photos, most of the building is completely torn down.






4 Replies to “Photos of the Aftermath (Fire at 118 to 134 E. Park Ave.)”

  1. Wow – I actually have not been over to see the damage…thanks for the photos. You are pretty on top of the news in this town…I am thinking that the LB Herald should hire you as a columnist, maybe a mixture of the website and in print. My 2 cents..Chris

  2. Haha thanks for you comments. I'm actually away right now on vacation so I'm gonna have a hard time keeping up with all the news that has been happening around town. First the road rage, now this fire!!!

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