Hotels by the Sea

All this talk about the Allegria, let us not forget about Long Beach’s other hotel – Jackson by the beach. I’ve heard so many conflicting things about that place – the rooms are old, it’s a dump, the rooms have been renovated. I’ve never been inside the place myself so I can’t really comment. If you look at the website, the rooms do look really nice. I do know one thing, if you want to stay in Long Beach, you’ll save a bundle staying at the Jackson over the Allegria. Just check out these rates.

Good luck to the both of them. Whether the Jackson is a dump or not, it’s a cheaper option and competition is a good thing for both places.

One other comment on the subject: After June 16th, Jackson is going to have to change their statement on their statement: “We are also the ONLY hotel in Long Beach, New York.

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  1. I checked out their rooms for a family member. I was pleasantly surprised how nice they were. The bathrooms were clean but very old. The rooms had new bedding, new furniture, fresh paint, and very clean.

  2. has anyone heard anything about the Jackson closing? I know it’s for sale but I live across the street and have not seen any lights on for months. Just cursious…

  3. i’m doing a bit of research on old hotels in New York and I was wondering since the website expired if you can email me what you would remember the rates of the Jackson hotel were.

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