JUST SAY NO to a synthetic boardwalk!

The Long Beach Herald just ran a new article (Read – City approves capital improvement plan) about the city planing a new boardwalk. From the article: While the specifics of the design are yet to be determined, Theofan said the city would consider using harder or synthetic wood that has a longer life span than the wood now being used for repairs.

Please, I beg the city, please choose a harder wood over synthetic. Now I know synthetic would last longer than hard wood, but it has no charm! Wood is so much classier, unique and ages nicer than synthetic material. A harder wood will definitely last a lot longer than what we have now. Just use the same pressure treated wood that’s used for those utility poles. It will last almost forever and won’t warp like what the current wood does.

My choice of hardwood over synthetic is simple:

Its the same reason why those new fake stucco (Dryvit/EIFS) houses look like cheap crap – it’s synthetic material that doesn’t age the same way as real stucco. That fake stucco (aka fucco) has no charm, did you know you can punch a hole in it?

Well anyways, my point is that our boardwalk will lose some charm if synthetic material is used. Please, City of Long Beach, please please please please please please please choose real hard wood over synthetic!!! Please don’t turn our beautiful boardwalk into synthetic crap.

Admin’s note: I can’t stand the current Dryvit/EIFS/Fake Stucco “aka fucco” sprawl that’s been going on in home building and renovations. I plan on doing a post every so often on why I hate it so much. I know it might be an issue of “taste,” but yeah, I have taste and those who like fucco don’t.

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