The "Ye Olde $17,849" Question

An update to my $17,849 street sign post, which was a comment to this June 2nd, 2009 City Council Proceeding.

While reading about the Red Brick district’s 100th anniversary, I forgot that the historic district already has new signs in the blue motif. Looking at the Brandon Industries website, these “Ye Olde fashioned” street signs cost an average of $800. So, if you do the math: $17,849.00 divided by $800 (the average cost) = 22.3 signs/posts.

22.3 signs/posts aren’t enough to decorate the entire City of Long Beach. I am guessing these new street signs will be used for either the business district along Park Avenue, the walks or just in the west end. I have to be foolish to think every single sign post in Long Beach would be updated. Of course if anybody knows what’s going on, I would appreciate any information 🙂
**** I took the above photo from this article. I am not sure who snapped it, so sorry if I’m not giving you proper credit!!

4 Replies to “The "Ye Olde $17,849" Question”

  1. The city purchased 50 signs and the signs are for the Walks. The money isn't from the city budget but from the community development grant from the federal gov. This is one of many beautification projects the city does yearly with the money.

  2. The signs the Walks are getting will be different than the historical block. The new poles slide over the existing poles which saves in the cost. So the new signs and poles cost about 350 a pole and the Walks have 50 poles. The signs will be blue with white lettering with a decorative top and bottom. The pole will be fluted. Should look nice.

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