Ye Ye Ye Olde Sign Post – Part III (Hence Ye Ye Ye)

An update to my The “Ye Olde $17,849” Question post, which is an update to my $17,849 street sign post, which was a comment to this June 2nd, 2009 City Council Proceeding.

Somebody named Arvis anonymously and graciously filled me in on what those Sign Posts are all about:

“The city purchased 50 signs and the signs are for the Walks. The money isn’t from the city budget but from the community development grant from the federal gov. This is one of many beautification projects the city does yearly with the money.

The signs the Walks are getting will be different than the historical block. The new poles slide over the existing poles which saves in the cost. So the new signs and poles cost about 350 a pole and the Walks have 50 poles. The signs will be blue with white lettering with a decorative top and bottom. The pole will be fluted. Should look nice.”

Thanks for the update Arvis! I am all for city beautification and I love how they will be different than the ones used for the historical block – each district should have it’s own flavor. I can’t wait to see them! The Walks deserve to be beautified. It’s one of the more unique districts I’ve ever seen. The only other place in New York where I have seen something similar was in Sunnyside Gardens in Queens – which is a great neighborhood for those who haven’t been there.

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