walking on plastic

Part II of my “JUST SAY NO to a synthetic boardwalk!” series

There is a big difference between sitting under a shady tree and sitting under an umbrella on a hot and sunny day. It is so much cooler under the tree because it will absorb some some of the heat. The umbrella won’t. That is why a harder wood would be a better material than synthetic for the new boardwalk. A synthetic boardwalk is going to be hot. It’s not going to absorb heat.

Can you imagine how hot it’s going to be on a 90+ degree day walking on plastic with the heat bouncing back to your face? Never underestimate the power of natural material.

Just another reason why The City of Long Beach should consider a new harder wood over a synthetic for the new boardwalk.

2 Replies to “walking on plastic”

  1. I agree, but I am just saying there are consequences if we pick the wrong material. The boardwalk can be radically different and not in a good way. I just hope the City weighs the pros and cons before they pick a material.

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