One Person’s Garbage…Another Person’s Treasure

Regarding my post on the new street signs @ the Walks, A fellow Long Beacher named Glyn asks:

“I’d love to know what they plan on doing with the old signs they’ll be taking down? If they don’t have any plans for them, maybe we can auction them off and use the cash to fund something else in LB. I’d love to have the old sign from my Walk!”

Well that is a great question. Can somebody fill us in on this bit of info? The city is better off auctioning these signs off rather than just throwing them away. Glyn and I agree that these old signs would make great pieces of art!

Glyn adds “Anxious to hear what comes of (this)….I’ve got dibs on October Walk!”

5 Replies to “One Person’s Garbage…Another Person’s Treasure”

  1. The new signs are going up.. June and July are up on Park Ave if you want to see what they look like. I still working on getting the old signs.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to try to take a photo tomorrow morning before I go to work. Also, thanks for looking out for those old signs!

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