Are the traffic light patterns different these days?

Did it suddenly get a lot harder to drive around town with all these red lights? I can understand the city’s desire to slow down cars and make it safer, but getting stuck at every single light on Park Avenue is kind of ridiculous. I’m not sure if it’s any safer either. There is also increased car activity on all the roads that run parallel to Park Avenue. I should know: I live on one of them. You should see how fast those cars go and how many stop signs they run through.

Driving east through Lido Beach isn’t any better. It has gotten more complicated and less safe with those new medians, especially on school days when all the turning lanes get backed up. It’s funny how things that are supposed to make us safer are doing the opposite. Sometimes it’s best to leave things alone. Wow, am I preaching status quo?

Well from now on I’m going to have to leave my home a few minutes early for work. Hopefully one of those cars that are speeding past my house trying to avoid Park Avenue won’t hit me.

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