Is the Allegria open?

Eating some birthday cake reminded me that today is indeed July 2nd, which means the Allegria Hotel should be open for business. So, is it? The last time I checked the Allergria website it said it would open July 1st.

Before that it said June 16th.
Before that it said Spring 2009.
Before that it said Early 2009.
Before that it said Fall 2008.
The website now says “opening July 2009.”

I am not trying to knock the Allegria. Rainy weather and hard economic times have really taken a toll on getting any type of development finished – especially fancy beach hotel & spas. This is just a blog on Long Beach and It’s my duty to report on such things.

So now the site says July 2009, but that doesn’t mean it’s not open. I haven’t been down that end of the boardwalk about a week so I really have no clue.

Ok, back to some birthday cake.

3 Replies to “Is the Allegria open?”

  1. Hello, The hotel is not open and does not look like it will be for a lil supposed to have my wedding there in oct 2010 please pray

  2. wow, I hope it works out for you! The Herald just ran an article saying how the Hotel might be open early fall. I'm about to do a follow up post. Good luck!

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