The new signs at The Walks are going up!

The new signs at The Walks are going up. I like them! They are very cute and I love the blue. They aren’t tacky or over done. Bravo! Click on the photo for a larger image.

Thanks to ‘walks assoc’ for the heads up and also for working on saving the old ‘walk’ signs. Thanks to Glyn for the suggestion in the first place!

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Side note: I’ve been noticing that this site has been getting hits from folks who aren’t from Long Beach. So for those who don’t know what we mean by “The Walks,” this is according to Wikipedia: There is a neighborhood known as “The Walks,” consisting of extremely narrow sidewalks between houses. Each “Walk” is named after a month.

I’ve mentioned before that the only other community in New York where I’ve seen something similar to The Walks was in Sunnyside Gardens, Queens. If anybody knows of another area, please let me know.

(Photo by me – today at around 9am)

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