This weekend’s Boardwalk Arts & Crafts Festival

I was at the beach all day Saturday baking in the sun and missed the beach wresting event. Turns out it was a Long Beach High School and Middle school event, so no “Macho Man: Randy Savage…

The 2009 Boardwalk Arts & Crafts Festival

I went to the Boardwalk Arts & Crafts Festival on Sunday and it was great. So many vendors and so much variety. I’ve been to many of these festivals in NYC – like the Third Avenue Merchants Spring Expo or the Forest Hills Austin Street Festival and they are all horrible. They’re all cookie cutter festivals: same exact vendors, no matter what part of NYC you are in. They rarely have local vendors & organizations and they don’t seem to have anything with the community. Maybe the fees or permits for these events in NYC are expensive or politically controlled, but they are always lacking something and are more or less the same.

Our fair has much more of a community feel to it. The Long Beach Historical Society had a table, The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce were there, The Wounded Warrior charity, local authors selling Long Beach-related books, local artists and photographers that you would see at the Kennedy Plaza Fine Arts Show, a ton of local vendors and a whole lot more. I must of seen over 15 vendors selling Long Beach-related t-shirts. You’ll never see that in NYC (I Love NY doesn’t count).