Newsday – Explore LI Dockside dining

What’s missing from this article? Yeah, you guessed it: Long Beach.

Sure, we have plenty of great restaurants in town, but if we want some dockside dining we have to go over the bridge to Island Park or down the block to Point Lookout. Better yet, if we had a proper marina in Long Beach, we could take a boat to any of these places!

I guess the Allegria will give us some boardwalk/water view dining. Vito’s on the Beach offers some “off boardwalk” dining, but we have no restaurants right on the water which is crazy since we are entirely surrounded by it!

The Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) , if it ever happens, might offer us these options. That area along Reynolds Channel between the LIRR tracks and Long Beach Road desperately needs to be changed.

Hopefully not overdeveloped, but it has potential to be something special. I am picturing a brand new marina, a few restaurants and a sculpture park. I keep hearing things about an amphitheater and four 12-story buildings, but right now nothing is happening due to the economy.