Long Beach is NOT a ghetto by the sea

I just had to get that off my chest.

I sometimes post on a Long Island-related web forum. Today’s topic of conversation was “What do you love most about Long Island.” The idea was to keep the thread positive and not negative. Most people wrote about the food (especially pizza), the beaches, boating, park system, Fire Island, The Hamptons, Wine Country, the proximity to NYC, etc.  I, of course, wrote that I love Long Beach.

Some girl responded to my post. She called Long Beach a ghetto, laughed at my choice and relentlessly posted reasons why Long Beach stinks. Her main argument was that it’s not near the LIE. Um… Ok….

This was supposed to be a ‘positive’ thread, but of course we went back and forth. One of the reasons why I usually avoid forums is because there is always bashing. You try to post on an New York Islander forum and there are Ranger fans. It’s Mac vs. PCs. Mets vs. Yankees. New York Pizza vs. Chicago Pizza. It never ends!! Why can’t people like what they like? Why does there have to be so much hatred? So I love Long Beach. Sue me.

Ok, so there is my rant. I did the best I could to defend Long Beach. Yet, I still  don’t understand why so many people think it’s a ghetto. Unfortunately, It wasn’t the first time I heard that either…

I mean, come on! Every time I am home I feel like I’m on vacation. What’s so bad about that?

(PS. Rangers stink.)

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