“Let’s keep LNG off the table” September 9th hearing at SUNY Farmingdale

My wife belongs to the South Shore Audubon Society and she just forwarded me this email she received from them regarding the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) proposal.  I am sure the Audubon society doesn’t mind me posting the letter since it’s such an important issue to Long Beach as well as all of Long Island, NYC and New Jersey.

Don’t forget to sign the petition at www.cleanoceanaction.org.

I am forwarding along this information about upcoming anti-LNG events. If you can attend any of the events organized around the September 9, 2009 hearing at SUNY Farmingdale, that would be great! Let’s keep LNG off the table when it comes to New York State’s Energy Plan. We must confront global warming and sea level rise with the development of alternative energy sources and energy conservation measures. LNG, an extremely polluting fossil fuel, should not be a part of our current or future energy strategy. Please attend the Farmingdale hearing if you can–it is important to let Governor Patterson know that we oppose any and all LNG facilities planned for the south shore of Long Island!
Jim Brown
Conservation Chair

South Shore Audubon Society

Jim Brown,
422 East Market Street
Long Beach, NY 11561