I can’t believe this was King David Manor or: Will the Allegria Hotel & Spa work here?

Regarding my Opening night and the place was PACKED post on the Allegria Hotel, local Long Beach resident Heshy asks: Someone told me rooms go for $400 a night at the Allegria – a) is this true?  b) can this kind of upscale work in Long Beach?

I can’t answer the first question, but the second one is really interesting. Can this kind of upscale work here? What do you guys think?


Last week my wife and I decided to take a peak inside this place. “I can’t believe this was King David Manor” was my initial thought when we entered the lobby.  The decor was just beautiful.  The beach motif wasn’t tacky at all – lots of shells, glass, wood, stone.  It was very hip and upscale. – the kind that is taking over the Bowery in NYC. The Allergria makes the Garden City Hotel, it’s main competition, look like a holiday inn – very dated and boring.

The friendly Allegria staff encouraged us to look around.  We decided to go up a floor (boardwalk level) to check out the restaurant, bar and lounge area.

photo 2 We really wanted to eat at the restaurant, but we just ate dinner, so we settled with coffee and dessert.  The “snack bar” menu is filled with all sorts of expensive alcoholic drinks starting at $12 each.  The dessert selection was pretty limited. Some of the items offered were chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, s’mores and a few other items which I can’t remember. Well for a total of $24 (with tip) we got two cups of Starbucks brand coffee and the hockey puck-shaped s’mores dessert.

So how was it?

Let me rephrase what we ate for $24 bucks: Two SMALL cups of coffee and a fancy ring ding.  The s’mores was tasty, but way overpriced. As far as desserts are concerned, I just can’t see myself going there a lot. I like to splurge every once in a while, but I find a cone of Marvel Ice Cream to be much more satisfying. Besides, I’m not a big fan of starbucks coffee. Charbucks.


That saying, I heard the restaurant is great and I plan on trying it out.  While I don’t like overpaying for coffee and dessert, dinner is another story.  I’ll overpay for dinner provided that it’s something that I can’t make at home.

So can this kind of upscale work in Long Beach? I really don’t know. New York has a lot of food options. What New York doesn’t have are too many hotels & restaurants on the Beach.  The novelty of being on the water helps a lot, but in Long Beach? At these prices????? This isn’t the Hamptons. Are we headed that way? What do you guys think?

A small note: I have to apologize for these photos. I do own a DSLR, but I never bring it anywhere. I am always stuck taking blurry photos with my cell phone.

5 Replies to “I can’t believe this was King David Manor or: Will the Allegria Hotel & Spa work here?”

  1. I think the place is fantastic

    It amazes me a native Long Beacher the way people who live in this town put down this awesome city. "Will this work in Long Beach"? I hear that everyday from people who live here. Like Long Beach is some kind of shit hole. It is one of the nicest places to live. I welcome change. A 5 star hotel comes to our city and we ask why? Why not ? The hamptons beaches suck. We have so much more to offer than the hamptons.

    I for one hope they do well.

    By the way Marvel is more over priced than any ice cream place on long island

    This might not be a place for everyone, however they did a great job!!

    Well done

    All my best We love it!

  2. Oh I agree with you. I've posted in the past how I think this city deserves a 5 star hotel. That saying, I'm not going to argue whether or not Marvel is overpriced. I'm just saying that to me personally, I would rather have ice cream than a fancy overpriced dessert. That's all. But that is just me. I'm a simple person. I would put ice cream over any other type of dessert you throw at me. I haven't eaten in the restaurant yet, but I heard nothing but good things.

    But I agree with you that I think this hotel is a great addition to Long Beach.

  3. I just had a group out of town guests stay in 13 separate rooms at the Allegria and they all reported positives back to me. Prices aside what they loved was the location and the proximity to everything including the Sands In Lido where our family party was held. I hope the hotel succeeds – we need a place like this in Long Beach. In fact, we need 2 of them to force a heathy price war.

  4. wiating to hear about a meeting of east end civic association. have called steve penelli several times and have not received call back. is association viable?

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