East meets west

The west end of Long Beach aren’t the only ones with a voice. A new blog is in town: The East End Neighbors Association.



This is great for me since I live in the East End. Represent! It’s also great that the Long Beach blog community is growing. The more voices this city has the better. Just like in the movie Pump up the Volume , Talk hard! (whatever that means…)

Just a quick note to the East End Civic Association: The West End has t-shirts. I want an East End T-shirt!!! image342

4 Replies to “East meets west”

  1. Thanks for helping the EEN get noticed. I don't want everyone to think that we are only combating the problems with the Allegria, but we will help with anything East End related.

    So if you got something going on around your area that the City isn't helping or doing much about, like over here on National/Broadway, please come on by and ask for help.



  2. Enough about the Allegria already. The place is awesome. People love it

    I have always had a problem parking.

    Dont blame the hotel..They are not parking cars around the hotel


    Get a grip….

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