City by the ‘Sea’ Change….

This is hilarious…. I am totally copying and pasting this Q&A from another site. It’s referring to the movie “City by the Sea” which was NOT filmed in Long Beach.

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Q In ”City by the Sea,” Long Beach, N.Y., is littered with burnt-out casinos and crack dens. Fair?

A Don’t believe what you ”Sea.” Although Long Beach suffered a downturn in the ’60s — mental patients and poor seniors filled the city’s hotels — today it’s a hot day-trip spot. Filmmakers shot many exteriors in less-polished Asbury Park, N.J. (popularized by Bruce Springsteen). ”[Long Beach’s] boardwalk was too nice,” admits Matthew Baer, a producer. As Vincent LaMarca, on whom Robert De Niro’s cop is based, notes, ”I’m sure the chamber of commerce is not happy!” Chamber director Edmund Buscemi declined to comment on a film ”that’s obviously fiction.”

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  1. Well, as it happens, I lived in Long Beach AND Asbury Park, both in their respective "hell years." I must correct the writer of the original post – the downturn in Long Beach did not happen in the 60s, but rather in the 70s when the State of NY closed many of its mental institutions and found it easier to give the deinstitutionalized patients a one-way ticket to LB, where many of the old hotels had been unfortunately converted to old-age homes and halfway houses. LB was still quite lovely in the 60s, as I recall from my early childhood years. Asbury Park suffered a similar influx of deinstitutionalized mental patients, as well as released convicts, but the social and political problems there were on a scale Long Beach thankfully never had to endure. All that being said, though, the makers of "City By The Sea" succeeded in trashing BOTH Long Beach AND Asbury Park, because neither town every looked as decrepit as the movie made them out to be, whether fictionally or factually.

  2. I went to Asbury Park recently for the first time ever and I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Looks like it's going through a little bit of a resurgence as well. I thought the downtown / main street area has some fun stuff that Long Beach lacks. The Pinball Hall of Fame, quirky book stores, coffee shops. I sometimes wish Long Beach had more than a million places for burgers, pizza and bagels.. but I guess that's Long Island for ya..

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