“They keep lie” “Stay Way” “The Allegria RUINED MY WEDDING”

Oh no… not another post about that damn freakin’ hotel!!! That’s right!  How can I let a week slip by without mentioning the Allegria? I can’t.

Tripadvisor.com has a page for the Allegria and some of the comments are so sad!

“They Keep Lie”

“Stay Way”


Screen shot 2009-09-30 at 3.50.05 PMHere is the Trip Advisor rating for the Allegria as of today (Sept 30th, 2009). Keep in mind, those TERRIBLE reviews were posted before the hotel was even open. Why the terrible reviews? Empty promises on the hotel’s part. Why Empty Promises? Hmm, was it all the early summer rain? the construction costs? the economy? or all of the above?

Check out all the reviews @ tripadvisor.com

54 Replies to ““They keep lie” “Stay Way” “The Allegria RUINED MY WEDDING””

  1. Funny how you only post the bad review from some idiot who booked her wedding at a place that would never have been finished within a year

    Look at all the GReAT reviews after it opened

  2. The Allegria is beautiful. I had lunch there yesterday and couldn't believe how nice it was. I was really surprised that Todd Jacobs is the Executive Chef there. He is fantastic. we used to drive to his restaurant in Westhampton on Dune road just to have diner. Congratulations long beach you have one of the best chefs on the east coast!!

  3. So I want to get some advice, I reserved a room here for next Sunday. My husband and I are vacationing from California to NY and will be staying with a friend in Manhattan the rest of the time. Got a REALLY good deal on an Oceanfront room…but I too saw the reviews on TripAdvisor and now I am a bit hesitant about keeping the reservation. Any advice? I'm assuming the restaurant is open since someone posted that they had lunch there. Is there more to do in Long Beach this time of year just for the day? I saw the pictures on the website and thought staying on the Atlantic Ocean would be a refreshing way for my husband and I to spend the last night of our "kidless" vacation before heading back.

  4. LSAzarrage,

    You should stay there the hotel is beautiful. They had a weird summer with false openings but the place is worth the stay. My friend ate at the restaurant last night and said the food was outstanding.

  5. LSAzcarraga,

    Most of those reviews on tripadvisor were written before the hotel opened. The place is beautiful and I hear nothing, but good things about the food there. Some people had issues with the service, but the place just opened up last month. I'm sure they got their issues figured out.

  6. LSAzarrage,

    You should check out the reviews after the place opened. The first couple of reviews were about some disgruntled people who booked weddings there and the place took longer then they thought to open. Like that was the owners intentions to not open and have a bunch of brides pissed off. What the reviews don't mention is that the owners did everything possible to make these weddings right. Check out all the reviews since it has opened. Place is fantastic

    You will love long beach

    Let us know what you think

    You will love it Chef is AWESOME!

  7. #

    lois says:

    October 7, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    a beautiful place, no doubt, the prices were a bit high and the service was very poor.


    Chaz says:

    October 7, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Service was poor….they are not even officially opened yet. give them a chance

    If they are not "officially opened yet" then why are they taking money for their service.

    I'm sorry to disagree, but If You are taking peoples money then you should be ready to serve them properly..

  8. Yes I was Bobby.

    But one big difference, I didn't charge $125.00 when I wasn't ready.

    PS What in the world did I say that was so bad?

    I said the place was beautiful, and the service was poor (at my table) sue me.

  9. We (4 of us) visited here on last Friday night (for the second try) The first try was not a good one.. We again had absolute atrocious service. It started the moment we walked in the door. The host asked us if we had a reservation. We said yes and she made us made us waited over 20 minutes. Although this was not a long wait, I mention it only because there were many open tables. Instead of coming back to seat us, my husband had to ask her if she was ready to seat us. Of course she brought us to a table that was in the rear where it was uncozy and cramped between other close by tables and where there servers were constantly rushing by you on both sides.
    So, we sat. For 10 minutes with menus. No greeting by a waiter, but the bus boy did promptly deliver water and bread.. Finally, my husband noticed a table that had JUST been seated getting waited on, so we literally had to flag someone down and ask who our waiter/waitress was.
    When the waitress did arrive, she was a bit rushed and told us about the specials but she did not described them nor did she mention the prices.
    For starters we my husband and I ordered an order of calamari and an order of mussels. Our friends ordered salads. My husband and I both ordered the striped bass dish from the menu. In about 25-30 minutes the appetizer finally arrived. The calamari came out dry and over cooked, you needed a magnifying glass to find the meat inside the mussels that’s how small they were. And the sauce was very sweet, as well as the portions being pretty small and overpriced.
    After another 30 minutes the entre’s arrived by a server that literally threw them down and ran off. He didn’t ask if we needed anything at all, but just ran off. And guess what! The fish was tasteless and over-cooked.
    But we were already having such an unpleasant experience, that we didn’t really care. The food was bland and overall boring. The service was very poor. The prices were fair except for the drinks which we found to be high.
    I can’t believe some of these reviewer’s that raved over this place.
    I guess that we must have ordered the wrong food because our’s was not good. And we also must have had the wrong waitress also. Our friends agreed .
    Have you ever tried fish that was tasteless and over-cooked? You can try it here.
    You can blame it one the place being fairly new if you wish, but it’s been opened for about 2 months now… How long can they use this excuse. Besides the chef is supposed to be a pro, so what’s his excuse? But, it don’t matter, I’ll never know, because I’ll never go back.. You fooled me once…….. then you fooled me twice.. They won’t get a third chance.
    I’ve heard so many things about this place ranging from poor service to food that was only fair. I have to agree.

  10. I just had dinner at the hotel Saturday night and absolutely loved it. The service was OUTSTANDING. We had the chilean sea bass, and the hanger steak. Food was great. 8 of us ate there and 7 of us loved it.

    To each their own

  11. Maybe this is your idea of fine dining, but it was not ours.

    This was the first time we went to this place, as we couldn’t get reservations for the two previous Saturday nights. .Walking in I was immediately blown away by the decor of the bar and main dining room. The place is gorgeous.

    We had our belated anniversary dinner there last Saturday night, and we were very disappointed . The quality and the preperation of the food was highly disappointing, especially at that price point. For our appetizer, an calamari The texture was soggy, and it was dry and served without sauce. Overall, it did not look or taste appetizing, it was too chewy/rubbery and lacked any real flavor.. For the main course, we ordered fish. The fish dry and was not at all moist as it should have been. Both of our entrees lacked the quality that we expected to find. And to add to all that, I could not help feeling cheated by the portion size. Despite the poor food, the service was also slow and poor. All and all we found it to be a little pretentious, but without anything to back it up. It would have been better to just sit at the bar and have a cocktail, and do without the food.

    I think the best part of our meal was the dessert, which isn't saying much. Needless to say that the atmosphere was wonderful, but that didn’t make up for the food or the service.. I also thought that the prices were high especially at the bar.

    Our table was mere inches away from the tables on either side of us,

    All in all our first impression was that it was a beautiful place with lovely ambiance. But… very disappointing, pretentious, over-priced. Paid similar prices for meals in other restaurants in Manhattan but enjoyed food of much higher quality and preparation served in better.

    The service was so not at all attentive

    It obviously attempts to be a "high cuisine" restaurant but it never quite reaches that ambition. Definitely not worth the price tag. So, overall, I thought the food was nothing special, and we will not be going back.

    Disappointing not worth the money. I have had much better of both food and service at some of the local Long Beach restaurants

    Bottom line is that we were very disappointed and I doubt if we will be back.

  12. I had dinner here the other night and we enjoyed it. Service was great, food was excellent. We live in sayville and have been to Todd's other venue in westhampton and we love his food. Sorry to hear some do not like it. We will be going back.

  13. I am assuming your comments "Maybe this is your idea of fine dining, but it was not ours" was directing at me?? Please DO NOT take your displeasures out on me. We enjoyed it, and we will go back. Maybe you should try Ruby Tuesday

  14. Maxwell and Lori, you both posted message’s at 6:53PM and 7:00PM on the same day, that’s 7 minutes apart, it almost takes that long to think and type a message. And both were highly favorable.. HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS.

    Anyway, I am a Chef, I work in a pretty busy restaurant on Long Island, not in Long Beach, but not to far away. After hearing and reading so much about this place I gave it a try. As for the service, we overheard several people complaining of bad service, and rightfully so, the most disappointing part of the evening was the service. The waiter was aloof and inattentive, he never came back to see how we were enjoying any of our courses. I was really shocked because this is something that every server is told to do. Our service was extremely slow, there was a long lag between the appetizers and entrees.

    The starters and the desserts were considerably better than the mains. As many of the other posters on this message forum have said, the entre’s were bland and the side greens were cold.

    My wife’s dish was cold as well and we were very disappointed and I think I'm going to have a hard time convincing her to go back and give them a second try.

    We overheard the table next to us complain to the waitress saying they probably won't be back. But rather than tell that to the owner or manager, she gave the "I'm new here" reply. Wrong answer. Bottom line, I was not impressed.

    My advice to any diner would be, not to allow a poor server ruin the food and the evening. You are paying good money to sit back, relax, and let someone serve you. The last thing you want to is get into a battle with your server. If the food is simply not what you ordered or it arrives with a big black hair embedded in it, or it is served over cooked or cold, or you get dirty silverware, or the wait staff is rude and inattentive. Simply call the manager and tell this to him or her. You server is most likely a part time waiter/waitress who is a store clerk during the day.

    Also I suggest that when you get home, write a letter to the owner or manager, keep receipt if possible. The receipt will list the time of service, the amount you paid and will also list the server's name. Ask them to respond to you. Who knows they might offer you a free meal to make up for your bad experience.

  15. Hey ChefD,

    I loved your Private eye work thinking that Lori and I are related. I can assure you we are not. I live at 100 W Broadway which is right next door to the hotel. I would love to meet you in the lobby sometime so we could discuss our views on service and food. Please feel free to come by anytime, I am sooo sorry that you cant get over the fact that WE meaning more than one of us love the food and love the hotel. I am really sorry that this bothers you so much that you have to make up stories in your head that people who like the hotel are related. What is the name of your restaurant because WE would love to try it. Please post so WE can stop by. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  16. ChefD1975, a lot of the messaged don't get posted until I approve them – this keeps spam off the site. I appreciate your private eye work, but that might be the case here.


    Anthony – Admin

  17. I tend to believe the people who write long winded reviews than the ones that say "the food was great we'll be going back"

    These days reviews online arent very trustworthy….unless you know the source.

  18. I have been to the restaurant at the Allegria and I too was not at all impressed. Impressed with the interior YES! No doubt it was beautiful, a bit over done? Yes again. But to get back to the question of the restaurant itself. I was there with my wife and 2 others and neither one of us have anything to rave about. We did not find any problem with the service, slow yes, but I can look beyond that. In fact the service was pretty good.. No, it wasn’t the best meal I ever had, far from it… but the atmosphere was fantastic.
    That being said, the reason that brought me here in the first place was their review in Newsday where they gave it only one star.

  19. I've only been here once and for lunch and only because it looked so beautiful from the view I had of it from my daily runs on the boardwalk.

    So my girlfriend went in for a light lunch over last weekend, we each had a sandwich and I had dessert. The sandwich was very ordinary, like what you would get at a diner except much smaller. The dessert was very small and also nothing special. This is a town of many restaurants and some very good ones…So if they expect to do well here thay are going to have to do better than this.

    But just like everyone else here has said the surroundings were beautiful as was the view.

    Frankly, I think the chef needs to improve his game. Go for the view of the ocean and the beautiful looking hotel, not for the food.

  20. We had a highly expected dinner experience at the Allegria Restaurant as there was so much vibes in the town awaiting their long delayed opening. Last Saturday night my wife and another couple gave it a try. Unfortunately the result was a total disappointment. Neither the quality of food or service was something to be expected in the restaurant ranked as high as this place and it’s Chef were supposed to be. I have eaten in dozens of restaurants in Manhattan and on Long Island as well as in many other US Cites and I think I know good food and service when I see it. I think I have some customer perspective on what to expect on a good restaurant, but unfortunately, I did not see it here.

    We asked for a wine menu, as I did notice a large selection of wines in a wine seller that was so beautifully displayed as you entered the room, and while they did have a very large selection, when I had a few questions I found that our server didn’t know a thing about wines and did not offer to send a sommelier to help us. The food also was a total disappointment! Only one of the appetizers were terrific, but that was all, the Calamari was chewy and tasteless and the others were either average or poor and below my standards. I don’t want to be redundant, but as I said, I think I know, how good food should taste this was uninspiring. And I think I know how food should be served, this service was amateurish.

    So I would have to say that the Allegria turn out to be a disappointment on the night I attended .

    Was I there on an off night? Maybe!

  21. Yes in deed, Matt raised some good very points….. And no, his parking issue with the Allegria DOES NOT only effect the people that live right near the hotel. All of Long Beach uses the beach and the parking near by.
    Matt is 100 percent right about the Allegria Hotel and the parking situation. The so called Valet Parking has created a nightmare. They park in front of private homes, near the boardwalk, etc and this is not right.
    Why aren’t they using that lot right next door to them? This nightmare will only get 50 times worse in the summer. The Hotel should be responsible for their customers and not use City or private parking spots.
    When will this madness end? If ever.

  22. Wow Alison, that’s a keeper, you have received -4 reputation points for that post…. How will I ever be able to return after that witty and worthless comeback.

    I didn’t know that you were a member of the comment police.

  23. Alison asked, “Hey Richie if your so smart how can we correct the parking situation in Long Beach? ”

    Alison, I never implied that I was “So Smart”! All I did was agree with what Matt has said: And gave my opinion..
    “Matt is 100 percent right about the Allegria Hotel and the parking situation. The so called Valet Parking has created a nightmare. They park in front of private homes, near the boardwalk, etc and this is not right.” It only adds to an already bad situation.

    Why do you find fault in that? And why are you so quick to challenge anything that I said?
    Is anything that I said untrue?
    The Allegria Hotel has/is adding more problems to the already bad parking situation. Period.. Like it or not.

  24. Alison, I never implied that I was “So Smart”! All I did was agree with what Matt has said: And gave my opinion..
    “Matt is 100 percent right about the Allegria Hotel and the parking situation. The so called Valet Parking has created a nightmare. They park in front of private homes, near the boardwalk, etc and this is not right.” It only adds to an already bad situation.

    Why do you find fault in that? And why are you so quick to challenge anything that I said?
    Is anything that I said untrue?
    The Allegria Hotel has/is adding more problems to the already bad parking situation. Period.. Like it or not.

  25. Richie asked, “Why do you find fault in that? And why are you so quick to challenge anything that I said?
    Is anything that I said untrue?
    The Allegria Hotel has/is adding more problems to the already bad parking situation. Period.. Like it or not.”
    Here is my take:
    1. Parking sucks, and the Hotel is not making it easier
    2. If the hotel did not go there there would have been a condo and the parking would have been even worse because the hotel made an effort to make some room for cars down below.
    3. Its more the cities fault for allowing this to happen than it is the Hotels fault PERIOD

  26. “Its more the cities fault for allowing this to happen than it is the Hotels fault PERIOD

    I agree it is the Cities fault.
    2. If the hotel did not go there there would have been a condo and the parking would have been even worse because the hotel made an effort to make some room for cars down below.

    NO, if it were a Condo they would provide for parking in their own garage, they would not have people coming and going for their restaurant and to the Weddings etc. who couldn’t care less about the surroundings.

  27. We are the fattest country n the world
    We should all have to walk

    I live in the Ocean club and we have a parking garage. 70 percent of the people do not use it because parking on the street is “closer”to the front door


  28. Thanks for the advice, if I need anymore I’ll ask Richard Simmons. It’s not about us being the fattest country in the world. It’s more about them taking advantage of us and walking all over us, because they need room. It’s no my problem… It’s theirs!
    And PS.. I for one am not fat.

  29. I agree with Tony. Why single out the hotel when all the Condo buildings on Broadway have parking and a majority of their unit owners and guests park on the street????

    Yes the hotel is wrong, however so are the condo buildings and above all the city. We spent 100 million dollars on a train station parking lot that no one parks in??? We have No public parking lots for our beaches?? There is much more than meets the eye here! Make the big empty lot a public parking lot? What is your solution? Parking sucked before the hotel and now it sucks a little bit more. WHat should we do?

  30. Who has ever heard of a beach town that didn’t have parking problems. The city should install meters to be used during the day on Broadway and make some more money off the beach. That would help keep taxes down and would stop condo/co-op folks from parking a car and never moving it. I see it all the time, people using the Broadway parking as if its their own driveway. Someone even yelled at me for taking “their spot” like they own it.

  31. Oh what a great idea LB Resident that just what we need more government in Long Beach. And more fees………..
    You must be a Democrat.

  32. It’s not only the parking it’s the attitude of the hotel, and the restaurant.
    Having stayed at this hotel recently I can’t help but feel disappointed.
    The hotel is trendy looking and minimalistic in style which is a question of taste. I guess for that kind of thing it was well done! (despite it not being my style) it was a bit overdone and kind of way out there. And that was not exactly what I consider to be class.
    The problems with the hotel is not so much its features but rather its approach and attitude towards its guests.
    I guess someone out there thought about the concept of being cool and trendy translated into the staff as well, something that in reality makes them rude, careless and service-less because they are too busy being cool. Everything at this hotel lacks attention and true care towards the customer. Its seems like the staff are busy having a good time and forgot why they are there to begin with. Example, when I wnt for my car the valet was to busy showing off his dancing techniques too even notice that I was waiting for him.
    By this measure despite the fact that there are several people working at the door, non of them bother opening the door for a guest, they are too busy talking to each other, I stayed for 3 nights and this was the case consistently. concierge is non existent, there is a small desk there and at times someone is seating at that desk but try and actually get advise from them (when they are not on a brake) and you will quickly realize it is not a true concierge service. With respect to this, the concierge could not even recommend ONE car rental company. I thought that is what a concierge does, silly me. The same concierge desk could also NOT recommend a good restaurant other then their own which I highly disagree with. . It begs the question, what the hell do they need a concierge there for to begin with?
    Check in at the hotel is odd as well, again “too cool for school”, you are welcomed by a condescending and over relaxed attitude of the employees who sat down as they talk to you as if you work for them although you paying $400 dollars a night for the privilege.
    The room was small in size but clean, bath and shower again small in size.
    The hotel was designed in a very ultra modern, which I found to be a bit much. Up stairs in the lounge there was way too much seating area.
    If swimming is what you are after this is NOT the place for you. Unless you go to the beach near by.
    As for the public areas, you walk around half blind wondering which way to go.
    Food and Beverage service is shocking, although the people that work there are friendly, they don’t seem to be too concerned with their job, again very busy speaking to each other and only too happy for the guest to get up and approach them and asked to be served both at order time and at clearing up time and asking for the check. At the restaurant which was also ultra modern and also a bit way out there, the food was nothing special. And the service matched the service mentioned above.
    All together the hotel is not a 5 star experience although demands 5 star prices. I think it is more hype then substance and I certainly think that for that kind of money this day and age one can do lots better. I will not be returning. To top everything up, despite room charges, this hotel also takes the liberty of charging $20.00 each night for parking. It was almost as mush to garage it as it was to rent it! In short, poor value for money and really the wrong approach towards customer care. This hotel could be much better if only it was managed correctly.

  33. It amazes me how many people post different views of this hotel. I am a local Long Beach Resident and have been my whole life. I have lived in Long Beach for 65 years. This city has gone through tremendous UPS and Downs. I have been through the low times and now I am enjoying the high times. I have actually stayed at this hotel twice and both times have been a great experience. The staff could not have been nicer. They took me for a tour of the rooftop (which is still under construction). My room was fantastic. I did not pay $400 a night?? My room was 299 which was extremely reasonable given the fact that the closest hotel that is habitable is in Rockville center and those rates Start at 245!! Yes the Hotel is ultra modern and clean. A little step up from the west end bars where underage kids puke and shit all over my lawn and my neighbors.

    Dave says “As for the public areas, you walk around half blind wondering which way to go.”
    What the hell does that mean? There is a lounge, atrium and a restaurant. I assure you its really not that hard.

    In Short welcome to Long Beach Allegria We love you.

  34. Forget about how bad or good the restaurant is. And forget about the parking mess that they created.
    My real complaint is the mess that they made and they left for the past year at the space adjoining the Hotel. They originally knocked down the existing building because they were supposed to put in a parking field. Well they did nothing but make a mess. They left the broken bricks and other junk just sitting there.
    My “expensive” condo overlooks that mess and I’m very unhappy about it. For crying out loud.. Please think about your neighbors and clean it up. I’m tired of looking out of my windows and seeing that!

  35. The decor is amazing, very light and airy and it feels like you are sitting somewhere else while the restaurant has one problem after another.
    Food seems to be dry and tasteless as well as overpriced….ordered the calamari and it was delivered chewy and uneatable, it must have sat in the kitchen for a while before the waitress brought it out…service was terrible seemed like it’s a bourdon for a waitress to do her job.
    Hands down, my meal was the SMALLEST PORTION of food I’ve ever had in a restaurant. And the price? Insanely high. This place thinks its in the Hampton’s or Manhattan. I stood at the bar for an exceptionally long time before he smiled or greeted me — neither of which he ever did. When he took my order, it was with a blank stare. I couldn’t tell if he was listening to me or just gazing. It was like talking to a rock. And whats with all those big fat guys standing all over the place they look as if they just walked out of a Soprano’s set. If I want a classy place for a quiet dinner with a loved one and maybe another couple, this is not the place.

  36. I was in the restaurant on Monday July 26th. I Live in Manhattan and also have a place on Shore Road in Long Beach. Had visitors from Europe and thought we’d have try it out. The service was outstanding. We had drinks at the bar and realized we were going be a little late for our reservation. The server at the bar told us not to worry,finish our drinks and relax and went to the restaurant and told them we would be 20 minutes late.
    The waiter in the restaurant was friendly and efficient, the food delicious (duck starters, flank steak, seafood and pasta, blueberry bread pudding)and the wine excellent. The restaurant was about 3/4 full at 9pm on a Monday evening. Prices about average for a good restaurant in New York
    I loved it and would definitely go back. This is my second time here and don’t understand the lousy reviews.

  37. My wife and I love it here as well. The lousy reviews seem suspect to the people in the neighborhood who didn’t want the hotel there in the first place.
    We love it and we live in L B

  38. People just want the place to fail. I don’t understand why. I stayed there for my wedding anniversary and I thought it was really nice. The staff was a little inexperienced and that’s pretty much the only negative that I found.

  39. Admin, if you stayed there for your wedding anniversary and thought the staff was a little inexperienced. The they are inexperienced! Period, not “a little inexperienced.” Two out of the six orders were wrong when we were here recently…. Yes, I call that VERY inexperienced. The nice atmosphere isn’t enough to make up for the poor service.
    If you’re looking for good food and good service on Long Island, this is not one of them.. There are much better choices. We practically had to send out a search and rescue party when we wanted the check. In this neighborhood, you can do better

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