I’m sure most of you have either passed this house or heard about it by now.  This story has been covered in both the Long Beach Herald and  News12 Long Island, so I am not going to get into the details. Basically, a bicyclist died at the the intersection where this house resides. The homeowner wants an all-way stop sign installed to hopefully prevent future accidents, thus the name DEAD MAN’S CORNER.

I feel for these people.  I also live in a corner house only a few blocks away from here and I see how dangerous these intersections are everyday. I personally think the city should install stop signs at every intersection south of Park Ave, but are stop signs enough?

When the light for Park Avenue is green, cars going north will speed up to try to make it.  I can’t tell you how many times I watch cars break the law and go though the stop sign in front of my house just to make that light.  Stop signs help slow cars, but not all cars stop.  I wonder if speed bumps are the key in making our roads safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. These intersections are extremely dangerous and it’s something that the city needs to fix.