As per request: Waldbaums is a dump.

A reader in the comments section made a request: “write about what a dump Waldbaums is.” So, here we go:

Waldbaums is a dump.

Waldbaums (85 East Park Ave – Long Beach, NY) is dirty and gross. I never shop there, so I really don’t know what else to say on that topic. Now, about that entire shopping center…..

The Waldbaums shopping center is a dump.

That entire Waldbaums shopping center does not compliment the rest of our downtown. We always complain about parking in Long Beach. The fact that center has plenty of spaces all the time proves just how disconnected it is to the other stripstores in that area. In other words: nobody parks at that center and walks the downtown. That doesn’t sound like smart development to me…

I would love to see that entire shopping center knocked down and redeveloped. Put the parking spaces behind the stores, just like what they did in Garden City on Seventh Street. This will bring all the stores to the street and will add to our walkable community.

We probably don’t even need a giant supermarket anyways. I mean, how many rows of ketchup do you need to browse before you pick the one you like? You can find the same exact stuff at Associated (663 East Park Avenue) or C-Town (1080 West Beech Street) and with much smaller lines!! Trader Joe’s (3418 Long Beach Rd. Oceanside, NY 11572) is the best if you don’t mind the drive. Or try the Farmers Market (Kennedy Plaza, Wednesdays & Saturdays). It’s been amazing this year!

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21 thoughts on “As per request: Waldbaums is a dump.”

  1. Nice report. Now if we can just find out who the owner of the strip mall is so we can write him a letter to clean that place up….

  2. I’m especially a fan of the 40-drinkin’ bums that like to loiter – cursing and hollerin’ – at the train station. They make for such a nice welcoming committee for Long Beach.

    Last summer I had the pleasure of breaking up a fist fight that started out front of Waldbaums. Stay classy!

  3. The actual store is not bad at all, a lot better than it was before they renovated. The stores next door need to go, other than Subway and Chase bank. The Rite-aid is very scary with the bullet proof blacked out windows. Get rid of it.

  4. Waldbaums is an excellent supermarket.

    Quite clean and it has everything you need all in one spot.

    In addition, it employs quite a few people.

    The owners put a huge amount of cash into upgrading the store and it shows.

    I shop there regularly and am happy its there.

  5. Jake what are you talking about? Open your eyes. The place is a dump. Panhandlers, kids riding bikes up and down the produce isle, English is nonexistent. Looking forward to the new King Kullen in Island Park.

  6. And how about the dirty kids riding in the shopping cats with their filth shoes and snotty noses and then you put your food in there!

  7. Sorry for the spelling (typing errors)

    And how about the dirty kids riding in the shopping carts with their filthy shoes and snotty noses and then you put your food in there! Those shopping carts are filthy, and never cleaned. Reason enough not to go there.

  8. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been harassed for money to buy some candy when I go to enter or exit the store. When I told the guy I was unemployed (at that time I was) he followed me into the store and said “we’re all unemployed. that’s no excuse”. The management should be keeping their eye on this.

    The store itself doesn’t bother me too much. Twice I got home and I had an item that was past the expiration date but I guess that is my own fault for not checking.

  9. I usually go to Associated or order from Stop & Shop’s Peapod. But sometimes I will walk over to Rite Aid or Waldbaum’s when I get off the train after work. I always feel uneasy and stay extra alert because there are always homeless beggers wandering around the lot. It just seems so different from the rest of Long Beach.

    King Kullen in Island Park?! I’ve missed KK since moving here from the north shore.

  10. It is kind of strange, with all the restaurants and fast food places which have opened up on the other side of the street to catch the exodus to the beach, and all the closed stores in that mall, that the strip owners haven’t tried to re-vitalize the huge empty space they have with some decent, inviting restaurants or stores, at least near or adjacent to the bank. Although it might be that Waldbaum’s anchor tenant lease prevents them.

    Waldbaum’s is okay for last minute essentials, but I do most of my shopping now at Wild by Nature in Oceanside or Trader Joes in IP. At least when I’m not up for the trek out to Fairway.

  11. I get my groceries delivered from Peapod just to avoid going to waldbaums. If you enter that place after 7 pm, BEWARE! I don’t find it to be dirty, but I do find it to be filled with lots of weird people!

  12. The inside of Waldbaums was renovated three years ago and it is nice and new on the inside.

    Don’t write such blatant nonsense.

    The problem is that itinerants and the scum from the neighborhood behind the shopping center choose to congregate in that general area between the Train Station and Shopping Center and cause trouble.

    The same is also true for the Public Library, Ice Rink Complex, and Boardwalk at Night.

    The police need to step up patrols or the landlord for that property needs to hire security guards.

    Closing the big chain pharmacy and the only supermarket in town would be utterly ridiculous.

  13. In a town that already has Walbaums, Kings x2, CVS, Bi-Wise Drugs, and whatever other smaller places I am missing, getting rid of a Rite-Aid won’t do that much damage.

    And I was just posting an opinion on Waldbaums. Some agree and some don’t.

    It’s not so much the look for the store inside, it’s the food itself and the need for a large supermarket. I am just coming from experience living in Forest Hills queens where there were three markets the size of Associated serving a much more populated area. It was totally fine. I didn’t miss shopping in a large super store at all, and this is coming from a household that cooks a lot. Like I said, how many rows of Ketchup do you really need? Just my opinion.

    Plus, i wish Waldbaums had more organic, free-range, farm grown meat and a better organic produce section, but I’m scared to say that on here without somebody calling me a liberal hippy.

    Anyways, thanks for visiting the blog!

  14. Walking past that area where they have the bottle return machine is reason enough for me to not go there
    The stench from the hobos that congregate there to cash in their cans and bottles is disgusting. They should put those machines outside where the stench would dissipate. .

  15. Glad you brought up the Walbaum’s Employee’s. To me, they are the worst part about that store. Thye are so rude and unprofessional, I have never seen anything like that in a supermarket. It is so bad, I go all the way to O Side to shop. The Deli Mgr. is a rude pig, if I was there the day he spoke to my wife, I would have put him down on the spot. Clean up in aisle 5.
    They also stop taking deposit cans well before they close, but of course they will still sell you drinks that require deposits to be paid on them. I don’t even think that is legal. Besides, they do not properly service there redemption machines, they are always full and out of service.
    No one wants to answer questions or help the customers, they are treated like they are a nuisance. Associated is the polar opposite to Waldbaums.

  16. I believe Long beach need a good cellphone and computer repair store, offer iphones,ipads,ipods and laptop lcds and virus services….. I had a friend wanted to open one up next to walbums but after reading this post, we don’t know…..

  17. I feel bad for anyone who thinks shopping at that Waldbaum’s is a pleasant or even acceptable experience. I cannot imagine how bad it needs to get before you get offended.

  18. I think you need to really get a grip talking about children is ridiculous talk about the store lady but then again that would require staying on the topic and not being add 😉

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