What WE WANT Long Beach to be. (Number Crunching)

Exactly a week ago I asked WHAT KIND OF LONG BEACH DO YOU WANT?  As of today (8/22) there were thirty eight different comments, but only eleven “copy & paste” votes. These results are based on those eleven.

Here are a couple of ways on how I dealt with categorizing these results:

  1. For The conversion of dilapidated buildings to expensive condos: A lot of you want to see old building be converted to new, but the affordable kind. Rather than separating expensive and affordable, I just lumped it all into the FOR column.
  2. For any question: If you wrote “I don’t care” or “I can go either way,” that was placed in the UNDECIDED or NO ANSWER column.
  3. HOTELS was a confusing category. I guess it wasn’t clear as to what was being asked. Many used it as a way to take a shot at the Allegria. So to simplify things, all negatives are in the AGAINST column. If you said something along the lines of “Could be great, but they need to get there act together” – that tells me you are rooting for it to work, thus went into the FOR column.

We had two categories that were unanimous across the board:

  1. We love our LOCAL EVENTS: After all, The Polar Bear, Wounded Warriors, Irish Day , fire works, concerts on the beach, marathons and the countless fine arts shows are what gives Long Beach its unique flavor.
  2. Surprisingly, 100% of you want RETAIL & RESTAURANTS ON THE BOARDWALK. Of course, you all pretty much wrote the same thing: IF DONE RIGHT.

BIKES: Bike lanes are split down the middle and the majority of you dont want bike rentals. The later aren’t for us residents, so of course most of us don’t want them. As far as bike lanes are concerned, I can see why most of you see no need for them. After all, they’re just a bunch of lines painted on our streets. I just want to see the city address the safety of bike riding on Park Ave & the bridge and I’ll be happy.

MAJOR EVENTS: This one was another shocker. Amidst the fears of parking, large crowds & drunk people (see – No Booze for You), we want these events. So no more surfpocalypse complaints, ok?

DEVELOPMENT: Whether it’s the Superblock, Bay area or the conversation of old to new (ALL HAIL KING DAVID!), we want Long Beach to be developed. Again, most of you wrote that with an asterisk: IF DONE RIGHT. The issue of how big these developments should be will be saved for another story…

HOTELS: ahh, the topic that was talked about the most. Regarding the Allegria, we know the negatives; they are well documented on this site. As far as the positives are concern: “If they get their act together” or “they need to get their act together” was the general census. What about other hotels in Long Beach? Well, we have the mysterious Jackson which doesn’t appear to be a hotel anymore. The bottom line is: it looks like we won’t see any more hotel development, unless the economy improves. Long Beach, after all, used to have a ton of hotels, so having more than one won’t be something new here..

That’s basically it. If more votes come in and we hit the 22 mark (double of what we have today), then I will do an update.

VOTE HERE: What kind of Long Beach do you want? City vs. Suburbia. FIGHT!

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2 thoughts on “What WE WANT Long Beach to be. (Number Crunching)”

  1. I’m very muvh in favor of making LB even more bike accessible, however,it already pretty much is. With everything being so close, the wide roads and relatively low traffic volume, I don’t really see much need for bike lanes. What would really be helpful though is a LOT MORE bike racks throughout the shopping areas of the City. As it is now, unless a merchant has put one out, you have to use signposts and lightposts and sometimes that’s difficult when other people’s bikes are already chained up.

    As far as Deco bikes, I don’t see much need or demand for it either. I think if they come in they will probably soon close for lack of demand/usage. Most riders already have their own bikes.

  2. MHC, I agree with the bike racks. The problem being: We aren’t allowed to have bikes on the sidewalks – that is why there aren’t any city-installed racks in front of the stores. All the City-installed racks are in the center median, or maybe they expect us to lock bikes at the train station. All the racks in front of the stores were installed by the store owners.

    That’s why I keep mentioning the idea of bringing a bike lane to park in front of the stores and move all the parallel parking to the other side on the medians.

    But yeah, I am tired of locking my bike up to a light post.

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