Site News (August 2011 Edition) – Updated 8/24

Hi everybody, I just want to update you all on a few new features that we’re offering. First, I would like to officially welcome Shaun to the mix. Shaun, who coined the word SURFPOCALYPSE, has been bringing us some great exclusive articles that you won’t find anywhere else. While Shaun is busy writing about Quiksilver Pro or Allegria Brawls, I’ve been busy working under the hood bringing more features.

  • NEW FEATURE: Login with your Facebook account.  Not required, but the option is there. You can now login and post comments with your Facebook account.
  • Subscribe to Comments – You can now subscribe to posts that you comment on. This feature lets you manage your subscriptions and opt out if you no longer wish to receive the updates. 
  • Events / Calendar – A lot of folks have been sending in events for us to post. Rather than maintaining a full blown calendar (quite frankly, I just don’t have the time), We added a Calendar Page that can be accessed from the menu bar. So, please send us your event and it will be posted on the main page, as well as the calendar page. The three most recent events will be visible on the main page in the far right sidebar    A new Calendar has been added here.
  • Quiksilver Pro Schedule & Info Page – For quick access to all the Surfpocalypse events. We will do our best to make sure it’s updated as the event unfolds. As of now, I’m not even sure Quiksilver knows the complete schedule..
  • Still in the works: A Photo / Video Gallery as well as an updated Links Page.

Don’t forget to add us on Facebook and Twitter! We only have 23 Twitter followers and I hope we can reach 50 by the end of the week!

Just to avoid any confusion, this is an Independent blog run by local Long Beach residents like yourself. We are not affiliated with the City of Long Beach. is just over three years old and still growing. We are continuously looking for more contributors, writers, photographers, artists or whatever else you can offer. Please contact me if you are interested in contributing!



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4 thoughts on “Site News (August 2011 Edition) – Updated 8/24”

  1. Oh the lot really looks great today.

    4 Gigantic Buses, 1. 18 wheeler moving Van, 3 gigantic new tents, 20 Porty Potties on the boardwalk. Welcome to my Condo, the view is beautiful.
    If you compare it to a Trailer Park.

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