The (Rock You Like A) Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

PM Update:

Based on the 2PM release from the National Hurricane Center, Irene is still heading right for us.  If anything, the eye may pass closer to NYC which is not at all good for them.

Long Beach, facing a similar situation in 1985, did order an evacuation then – though I don’t know if it was mandatory or voluntary.  The details aren’t out yet, though the plan calls for a series of shelters setup inland, with Nassau Community College at the center.  If you do want to get out of dodge, the time to do it is now, not Sunday morning so prepare accordingly.

I for one will be riding out the storm in Long Beach.  Beer and water have already been purchased.  Stock up now – this could get interesting.  The surf is expected to get huge, but it looks like it will be too windy for clean waves.  It may end up looking more like this.


“Prepare now because most people . . . are not going to be able to evacuate,” said regional Red Cross spokesman Sam Kille. “You can’t get off Long Island on a holiday weekend.”

I took that quote from this mornings Newsday (Read – Officials warn LIers: Brace for Irene). In other words: we are doomed!

Yep, we live in Long Beach. We are on an island off of an island.  That’s why I put together a bunch of  these links in preparation for Irene. I’m not sure how much help they’ll be when your power is out and computer is submerged under water. So check this stuff out now. Print and laminate the important stuff!

  • The City of Long Beach Hurricane Preparedness Guide (PDF).  This is a great guide to print out if you no longer have the one that was mailed to you. It has all the info you need, including Evacuation Routes & lots of local emergency numbers.
  • Nassau County Evacuation Routes
  • A great site with lots of prep information like ways to protect your property. It also has a great list of what to do after the hurricane – such as checking for gas leaks and electric damage.
  • FEMA – The Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • Red Cross – Our local Red Cross address is: 195 Willis Avenue Mineola, NY 11501, Phone: 516-747-3500

Thanks Roger for the info!

(Sorry for the typical  “Rock You Like a Hurricane” Scorpions joke, but it just had to be done. Although, I won’t be laughing about it this sunday after my roof caves in.)


UPDATE (8/25 @ 10:15AM) – Message from LB Swift911:

Attention Long Beach Residents

Though we are currently unsure whether or not we will be affected by Hurricane Irene this weekend, this call is to remind you that you will be notified in case of an emergency. Our Hurricane Preparedness Guide is available on our website at, and we will contact you if an evacuation is necessary. Once again, please refer to our Hurricane Guide that is available on for information on how to prepare for any impending storms.



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8 thoughts on “The (Rock You Like A) Hurricane Preparedness Guide.”

  1. Epic photoshop up top.

    And to update – LB Swift911 notification sent out a text message and voicemail today at 10AM saying they have no idea if the storm is coming, but if it does, they’ll send out another text. The end is nigh!

  2. Yeah, I’m just wondering if they’re going to evacuate us. How strong does a storm have to be to force an evacuation? I’m going to be on the north shore for a wedding Saturday, so I guess I’ll pack a bag for a couple of days just in case.

  3. Yes – I found this quote in a 2008 New York Times article:

    Mr. Callahan said the county would try to give hospitals and those with special needs, like residents of nursing homes, 48 hours’ notice of an approaching hurricane.

    ”During Hurricane Gloria in 1985, an evacuation was ordered of Long Beach Island, Atlantic Beach and Point Lookout,” he said. ”We were lucky that it hit at low tide, but it took 12 days for power to be totally restored.”

  4. Shaun–were you around for Gloria? 12 days with no power!! Yikes! Im also hearing that there will be a new moon which of course will effect the tide situation-

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