Hurricane Irene: What we know so far. (Updated 12:30pm)

UPDATE:  Friday, AUG 26TH @ 12:30pm: From the City of Long Beach, Swift 911 Service

Voluntary Hurricane Evacuation Advisory 082611

In anticipation of severe storm activity related to Hurricane Irene, City Manager Charles Theofan is calling for residents to participate in a voluntary evacuation of Long Beach.  Residents should follow coastal evacuation routes posted on all major roadways leaving Long Beach and find shelter with friends or family north of Sunrise Highway.  An emergency shelter has been established at Nassau Community College for those with special needs or no alternative shelter location.  There will also be shelter available at SUNY Farmingdale College.  Please remember to take important documents and any medical prescriptions you may need, with you.   Swift Reach 911 messages will be updated with continuing information as further details develop.




Low Tide is at 1:28 PM on Sunday, which is a good thing. That’s when the Eye of Hurricane Irene comes to town. It looks like the giant waves will be here before the actual hurricane. Source –

8:00 AM Sunday Morning Wave Height:

2:00 pM Sunday Afternoon Wave Height:


Hurricane Irene could  be reduced to a Tropical Storm by the time it gets to New York   (source – wunderground)


  • Ed Mangano announces the possibility of a Mandatory evacuation for Long Beach, Atlantic Beach, Lido & Point Lookout residents. (Source –FACEBOOK)
  • City Manager Charles Theofan recommends that Long Beach residents make plans for a voluntary evacuation (Source – seabythecity via Swift 911)
  • The Kennedy Plaza Farmers Market is taking this Saturday off .(source – FACEBOOK), so don’t count on it for fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Whoopi Goldberg adopts a cat (Source – NEWSDAY: Mew addition for Goldberg)
  • I cancel my newsday subscription. (Source – seabythecity)

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14 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene: What we know so far. (Updated 12:30pm)”

  1. Sorry- Guess what I meant was- that they must be spending a ton of money to have to take it all down after they JUST put it all up!

  2. Your graphic from wunderground shows it hitting us Sunday morning as a Category 1/Strong Tropical Storm. High tide is at 7:22am and 7:35pm. The storm will last more than the 6 hours before and after low tide at 128pm. It’s also a New Moon which means low tide will be lower and high tide will be higher than normal.

    The wave height means nothing unless you plan to go surfing… you should be talking about the surge height… a.k.a. the entire f’ing ocean rising! If it hit as a category 2 as originally predicted the ocean would be 12 feet higher than normal. LB would be completely covered!

  3. But when the EYE hits us, it will be Low Tide around 1:30/2pm.
    We basically said the same thing.

    True about wave height, but it’s still relevant – especially for those who live right on the beach.

  4. Cool, wasn’t sure myself how that would affect us.

    Good job keeping us up to date… you’re doing better than most!

  5. thanks. I’m trying and figuring this stuff out myself as I go along. Unfortunately, I don’t think anybody knows yet which way this storm is gonna go. There are three models.
    1. going right over Long Island.
    2. going into the ocean and nipping the east end of long island
    3. going north of NYC.

    From what I understand, we won’t know until tomorrow on the path.

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