Rant – short and sweet (Power Lines & Party at Charles!)

Shaun gave his rant (see – Hurricane Reality Check), so now it’s my turn. I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

Power Lines:

Can somebody please tell me why all the power lines are still on poles and not underground? I know it all comes down to money, but aren’t we living in an modern age here? This is freakin’ 2011. I’m not asking for flying cars or teleportation. I just want my freakin’ power lines underground so my lights won’t go out when a branch falls.

I have a relative who came here from Europe. He told me the first thing he noticed about American were all the the utility poles and wires everywhere. He couldn’t believe his eyes!

It’s just ridiculous. I mean, ok, fine, I know the power can still go out with lines underground, but I have to imagine that it would at least cut down on the down time.

That’s what I am worried about most: How long my electric is going to be out when all is said and done.

Party in Freeport this Sunday:

Hey, does anybody know if Long Beach City Manager Charles T. Theofan lives north or south of Sunrise Highway in Freeport? If it’s north, then it’s party at Charles’ house this Sunday! All City of Long Beach residents are invited. (That’s a joke. Please don’t actually go there…)

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11 thoughts on “Rant – short and sweet (Power Lines & Party at Charles!)”

  1. When I was doing community beautification in Los Angeles we got a grant from the city for $500,000 to underground the wires in a certain area. It covered a half a block of wires. That’s why.

  2. and how much does it cost to maintain the wires and poles now? One of their trucks alone has to cost well over $100,000. And they have to change the poles every so many years and trim the trees and do emergency “a branch fell on a line” calls. They probably have to fix hundreds of lines a month. Maybe a week because of a stupid branch taking a line down.

    I just don’t believe it. There is no reason why we have these poles still. I dont care how much it costs. The cost of maintaining them has to be just as much.
    Just make a deal with a city – Whenever a road is beng fixed or repaved, that’s when you bury the lines.

  3. is that a fact? there are power lines under water all over the earth, plus with new technology, i am sure they have lines that are just fine with moisture. Aren’t the lines on Broadway underground?

  4. It’s not just cost, it’s logistics. Coordinating the various service providers, etc. I’ve been through it. I’m all for it but it’s a nightmare.

  5. I get all this. Not arguing with you. I just don’t understand why it wasn’t done in the first place.

    I’ve travelled in all 50 states, over 10 countries and I rarely saw so many power lines like we see here. And in most of those places, I saw none.

  6. How old are these wires? Some of them (including one outside my window) makes a zapping noise. LIPA was out to do some routine maintenance once (at 3:00 in the morning. Seems kind of dangerous.

  7. Tracy,
    Can you tell me more about the Beautification Project that you worked on in Los Angeles? We have recently begun the West End Beautification group and would love to have your input.
    Thank you!

  8. I hear ya It is annoying that our power lines are easily damaged by falling trees. Although the underground cables have problems of their own. In a flood event like we had during this storm they are suceptible to salt water damage and corrosion. And cables underground are a lot more difficult to maintain and repair in the event that they do fail. Its a lot easier to work on cables strung on poles than it is to locate and repair cables that run underground in tight spaces flooded with water.

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