Al Roker Comes to Long Beach (And Digs the Dunes)

Yes, there’s a mandatory evacuation.  Yes, Irene is still coming, though downgraded down to a Category 1 with 85 MPH winds.

On the far lighter sides of things, everyone’s favorite weatherman, Al Roker is here in Long Beach covering the onslaught of Irene.  I was able to grab the above shot around 8:30AM on the NYSea’s cam while checking the epic waves.  He’s on the right side of the frame doing an interview atop the dunes the CIty has put together.

At around 9AM, CNN went to live shots from Long Beach.  Rob Marciano reported lives right from the beach with excellent shots of the surf.  He also ran clips from the Long Beach boardwalk – go Long Beach!  Marciano’s lower third read “not a lot of people evacuating.”

In other news, it’s an absolute media zoo by the Allegria on National Blvd.  There are satellite trucks all over the lifeguard lot, cameras setup across the boardwalk, and all sorts of other media chaos going on.

The City of Long Beach also posted this shot.


And from the zoo on the boardwalk:

Three of the four satellite trucks.  CNN up on the sidewalk in the left of the frame

 A whole lotta live shots set to go.  If you want your five minutes of fame, head to the boardwalk

One news crew with all the survival necessities, including Budweiser

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2 thoughts on “Al Roker Comes to Long Beach (And Digs the Dunes)”

  1. I watched al during the storm. Heard his comment about Man supposses ALLAH dispossesses. It is God that does it. God!!!!! That is the one we worship and believe in. Allah is not in our constitution. I am offended. Does that work my way. Will you stop it because I am offended. Or does it just work the other way.
    Sharon Johnson

  2. I’m an Oceansider who spends a LOT of time in Long Beach. I just uploaded a video I made to YouTube about Hurricane Irene. You should check it out, there’s a bunch of Long Beach stuff in there, including a couple of surfers.

    It is also the ONLY video that has Al Roker nearly submerged in a pool of water on the beach. VERY FUNNY!

    If you like it, please comment and/or link it to your website.

    Keep up the good work.

    Link below:

    Thanks and have a great day.



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