Report: The Quiksilver Pro sideshows are cancelled

The LB Patch is reporting that all the Quiksilver Pro sideshows (Concerts, BMX, Skateboard, Motocross) are being cancelled, but the Surf Competition is still on. This is odd, considering how I just received an email from the Quiksilver PR & Press Staff today how the events are still part of the program:

**All skate/bmx/moto/music events will have the same dates and schedules will be updated throughout the week as the event site is built, so please check back to for frequent schedule updates.**



(Source – LBPatch – City Manager: Quiksilver Cancels Competition’s Festival)


Shaun here (and have survived Irene): Reputable sources are telling me that negotiations are still ongoing between Quiksilver – who desperately wants to keep the Live Site going – and the City that is recovering from that mean chick that just blew through town.  Don’t be surprised if this all changes in the next 24 hours.

My guess?  A compromise.  Scaled down live site.  Concert stage only, no ramps, perhaps starting a week late (though surf comp will start Sept 1).

And for the surf – a lot of good stuff coming in.  We should have decent surfable waves the first 5 days of September, and there’s a big depression out in the Atlantic marching west the same way Irene did.  A repeat?  I sure hope not.


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