Surfing is on, Live Site is Off

Straight from Quiksilver, the lastest info.  The surfing will take place, starting a few days late – which will fit great into the projected swell – but the concerts, demos, etc., are likely still off.

Update: This information is also now posted on the City of Long Beach website


An important update from Long Beach – Quiksilver is working closely with the City of Long Beach to preserve the heart of the professional surf contest scheduled to start on Sunday, September 4 in light of the impact of Hurricane Irene and concerns for the Long Beach community, which suffered significant damage from the storm. The Quiksilver Pro is scheduled to start its 11-day “holding period” on Monday, September 5. The Quiksilver Pro Trials presented by Unsound Surf will run on Sunday, September 4.
The situation has been changing daily, and we recognize that City resources are focused on hurricane restoration and clean up as first priority.  In that context, we have been informed by the City that the festival and music components of the event are no longer achievable.

The Quiksilver Pro NY is first and foremost about the surf contest and Long Beach has an incredible surfing tradition and spirit.  We are committed to holding the ASP tour event at Long Beach so that together we can promote the sport by bringing together the best surfers in the world to this terrific community.

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24 thoughts on “Surfing is on, Live Site is Off”

  1. Unsound has been babbling about rumors heavily for the last 12 hours but hasn’t shown any sort of inside info on this. The information above is the only thing current and confirmed. Of course, anything is possible.

    I believe there’s a strong chance there may be a scaled down concert stage next week, but nothing during the first “week” of events that were originally scheduled.

  2. Surfing is on, Live Site is Off.

    Good Idea. I can live with that.
    I see no need to worry about the ALLEGRIA Hotel, they never seem to worry about us.

  3. Long Beach does not need to be overrun by thousands of people who will leave their trash, beer bottles, wine bottles and everything else all over the streets and create a traffic nightmare for two weeks. Maybe the city government should consider the residents who live here year round and pay a hefty tax for the honor. Not the Hotel and a few restaurant owners who take in our cash and go home to their cozy homes at night when we will be subjected to noise and trash.
    WE support these restaurants 12 months a year not these one time tourists. And as far as the hotel is concerned, now they know how us residents feel when they break every parking law on the books and get away with it.
    Then they go home to the 5 Towns and they don’t give a hoot about us. Always remember, What Goes Around Comes Around.
    And those idiots that make this a political thing are the same trouble making people we are talking about.

  4. Everything is totally in flux. I’ll be honest though, I have no idea what a tech deck championship is.

    Whenever they start posting real details, they will be up instantly.

    Again, I’d say there will be a revised schedule tomorrow night. There is just so much going on and a lot happening behind the scenes.

  5. I was not thrilled with the carnival-esqe atmosphere from day one. I would have ok with a Surfing competition, but not with the concerts, bike shows, Quicksilver merchandise tents, and the rest of the carnival-like atmosphere. That’s what begins in the flash-mobs and the troublemakers and the street trash. Like the beach melee involving hundreds of people that spilled out onto the streets on last Memorial Day.

  6. “Those” people sound pretty racist. Chill out and realize that those “one time tourists” dump thousands of dollars into the local economy every summer. Be thankful that events as large as this even consider coming here. It’s an honor for us residents, and a huge boost in our economy.

  7. hopefully they’ll do a scaled down version and at least build a stage so the performers can still come. i know plenty of people who wouldn’t mind volunteering to help clean up/build this thing.

  8. I love Long Beach as much as the next person (moved out when I became a grown up and started a family) but comparing Long Beach to Bondi Beach in Australia in terms of serious surf is like comparing my blow-up kiddie pool to a water park! Give me a break. I agree we don’t need the additional head aches caused by the three-ring-circus this event has become. Let’s face it; the majority of people have no idea what real surfing is all about and are only interested in the partying atmosphere it will bring.
    PS.. this open forum should be just that, there should be no mud slinging or politicking, or race bating, here, everyone is entitled to their opinion and a good debate is just that, a good debate. I am NOT FOR this event if it excludes all the other things and venders, bands and acts that will attract tens of thousands of people and make it a giant drunk and drug fest. If it’s going to be a surfing competition, then I am all for it. However, let’s be adults here.

  9. Do you have any idea how many cities on the east coast would kill for the opportunity to host this event? You whine like you are the one that would have to clean up the bottles by yourself. If I were to wager a guess, I would say that you did not grow up here but instead are one of those yuppy bastards that moved in during the housing boom. Long Beach is and has always been the greatest place to party and if you dont like it maybe you should consider the likes of say, the north shore…maybe great neck! I’ll help you pack!

  10. Bottom Line:

    Pack up your tents, your platforms, your concert halls, you bands and whatever else and get the hell out of Long Beach….

  11. If you think that we would NOT have been drinking with reckless disregard for the policy, then you are mistaken.

    Have you ever been on the beach? Not allowed to drink there either…

  12. Rich: After your cleaver, stupid, and childish comments. I doubt if anyone would take anything you say seriously.
    Telling people to move to Great Neck because YOU don’t like what their opinions may be, is a sign of your Socialist political persuasion. You have got to be an Obama supporter.

  13. So, the festival is gone. Now what? We had better get some decent swell because the pros were getting shacked out of their skulls in Tahiti last week. And their coming to New York for what? 2 foot summer slop? Yeah, I don’t think so.

    The festival was going to keep things interesting while people were waiting to see what the swell was going to do. How many stupid rooftop parties can you attend at the Allegria, anyway?

    I really hope the pros don’t start dropping out. That would really suck. Long Beach should have gotten the lots and everything ready months ago, so that if any damage was done by a hurricane, it would have been quickly ameliorated. Bad planning all around.

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