Hurricane Irene through my Camera

 Hurricane Irene photos have been posted all over ad nauseam, but I only  had my internet repaired last night, so here are a few of my shots over the last few days.

Before the storm and the big move

The front-end loaders frantically build

The first news truck in, with all the necessary supplies

While the West End was eerie boarded up, it could clearly never be without a party

A lone surfer scoping Saturday’s swell

The media circus on the boardwalk was hilarious

CNN with a creative parking spot

A few of us having some fun with CNN’s ridiculous live shots; a tea party

ABC 7’s SUV got slimed by the storm surge

Moments after the storm surge, wreckage pushes towards the lobby of the hotel and the surge pushes down National

The Allegria parking garage moments after the storm surge

The abandoned lot, now worse than ever after the surge

As the waters drain, a chained bike is left with some sea gunk

The high-water line across the Lifeguard shack

The once gorgeous swimming pool by New York Ave

The storm swell begins to recede

 The storm begins to lift, the wind sweeps the beach clean, and the waves continue Sunday afternoon

The now exposed pier on Sunday evening

 New normal at the beach

A vivid sunset on Sunday

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6 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene through my Camera”

  1. Great pics. In hindsight I wish I had stayed behind for the experience.

    Can’t believe you missed the swimming pool near the west end of the boardwalk – it is completely filled with sand.

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