The Quiksilver Pro Music Festival has gone local: Long Beach Bands at Arts In The Plaza this Sunday.

So it looks like we’re going to have some music during the Quiksilver Pro after all…. A local event has sprung from the earth and it will happen at Kennedy Plaza & A Whale’s Tale this Sunday:

True Live Productions and Benoir present:

LB Local Bands at Arts In The Plaza

Noon to 5pm at Kennedy Plaza,  After Party 6-10pm at A Whale’s Tale (916 W Beech Street, Long Beach)

The Long Beach music scene has been exploding over the last year and many of these bands support and jam with each other. Some are cover bands and some are original music. These bands are all Long Beach bands that play locally at Grill Fire, Sutton Place, A Whale’s Tale, Minnesotas, The Hub, Bahia Social Club, Cafe Laguna, Stone Turtle, Lolas.

Here are the bands that will be performing:

Artie Brand Band
Kenny Truhn
Principle Flow
Dave Kellan Trio w Andrew Wolf
Still Remains
Benoir & the Cancerians
Jeanne Boes
Ashley Mastrorocco
Ally Barrett
Christine Solomino
Rocky (RockNRobins)
Poet Atom Rush
Poofy and the Busboys

and surprise guests!

Short Sets by full bands at both venues, solo artists perform 3 songs each all-star jams and collaborations at both venues!

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31 thoughts on “The Quiksilver Pro Music Festival has gone local: Long Beach Bands at Arts In The Plaza this Sunday.”

  1. tell them to contact Ben if they want to play…not sure if there are any slots left but Ben is real accomodating, if it is possible, he will make it happen.

  2. this is great! glad to see David Kellan aka michigan dave 🙂 make sure to catch him, his guitar is an extension of himself. natural talent.

  3. No body seems to care about the residents who live in the surrounding homes who see and hear this noise and racket from the construction. We have been living with a MESS as a view for the entire summer. And this “EVENT” is just getting started.
    It would have been nice if some one had said something about our discomfort and the fact that we have been annoyed all summer long instead of relaxing.
    I a, not a Old Foggie or Prune someone stupidly said, I am a average working women of 48 years old who enjoys music and listening to bands, and having a good time, but not right under my nose. Let the hotel deal with it inside their premises.
    My family lives here, we are not like the restaurants or the hotel who profit from this and go back to their cozy home on the North Shore or wherever. We have not been able to invite friends here for a nice day at the beach or to have dinner in my apartment because of this unsightly “EVENT”
    So please don’t call me and others who disagree with this project names because you are not going to be able to hear the Dave Kellan Trio or Rocky “Rock-N-Robins”, because frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

  4. That is just ridiculous. You couldn’t have your friends and family over? Talk about being overly dramatic. The building right next door to me has had scaffolding up all summer doing construction and this hasn’t stopped me from enjoying friends, family, and the beach. Get over yourself. You live in one of the most populous areas in the world. If you want peace and quiet with nobody around I suggest you look into moving elsewhere.

  5. This was a surf competition with skateboarding/bmx/shopping/music to go along with it. No alcohol is/was being sold at the event. How do you assume that the people attending the event will be “drunken bums” as you put it? And where do you come off assuming that those traits you mentioned applies to me in anyway?

  6. Dear posters–

    You know what they say about arguing on the internet… if not just google “arguing on the internet is like” and find out.



    PS– jezzy24, are you actually Obama?

  7. Hardly!

    I didn’t mean to start an argument, but saying you can’t have people over because there is work being done in the vicinity of your home is ludicrous.

    Back to work. I will see you all on the beach this weekend.

  8. Evertime someone says something this guy doesn’t like, he say your Obama…If your life is crap don’t blame Obama, Blame yourself! I’m not even a fan, but the enough already!

  9. Actually, those are the only bands still Playing!

    at Arts in the Plaza!

    I am a 48 year old man with 3 kids and my entire family would have traded houses with you just to be closer to such a great event. Its not the number that makes you an old fogie, it’s the attitude. I am willing to bet you didn’t grow up here either..time to start shopping for your new residence in Century Village -west palm beach.

  10. Rich–

    A matter of clarification: If you read her post, Michelle mentions that she is a woman.

    More to your point: When a country is perceived to be moving the wrong direction by someone, it is sometimes easier for that person to throw their hands up and blame one person on everything, rather than scrutinize the ins and outs and truly analyze the situation.

  11. Music Schedule for ARTS IN THE PLAZA SUNDAY CONCERT (Subject to Change) Don’t forget to bring your chairs.

    Noon –Jeanne Marie Boes / Allison Barrett
    12:30 – Kenny Truhn
    1:00- Benoir & Cancerians w NathalieD
    1:30 – Principle Flow
    2:00 – Still Remains
    2:30 – Breakaway
    3:00- Dave Kellan w Andrew Wolf
    3:30 – Christine Solimeno
    Ashley Mastrorocco
    4:00 – Artie Brand
    4:30 – Milestone

    **Jahstix may do a few solo songs and/or sit in w Benoir depending on his arrival time.

    For Blues Lovers, the music continues at Lola’s with the Mike Barnett Band featuring musical “Things by the Kings”: BB, Albert, Freddie at 5 p.m.

  12. Hey Rich, she has a point. If you don’t like what she has to say, it’s fine to debate the issue, but don’t tell anyone “If they don’t like it move”

    And if she’s embarrassed to have people over her home because of the mess outside, so be it, it may not be your idea of the Real World, but no one was asking you for your advice so don’t call her ridiculous or being overly dramatic.

    She and everyone else including you are entitled to their opinions.
    This isn’t a Ask Amy column. Be a bit more considerate about others.

  13. Actually, I didn’t make the comments about the mess outside her home…that was someone else. I said that age as a number isn’t what makes you an old fogie, it’s the attitude…I stand by that.

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