A West End Mystery

Nestled in between what used to be the Bank of America ATM station and The Beach House is a mysterious little place. I will not get into my disappointment in the removal of Bank of America as that is a pretty sore subject for me right now. I’ll just say as a Bank of America member it was the only place on the West End to get money with no fees.

Anyway, I’m curious if anyone knows what goes on there. Seriously, what goes on in there? Peaking through the window, it looks like an episode of Hoarders threw up. I’ve never actually seen anyone in it but random objects newly pop up from time to time if you take a look through the glass (see random NY lottery sign in the photo). There was only one time I wanted to transport myself in there and it was when I spotted a box of old records.

Any insight?



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13 thoughts on “A West End Mystery”

  1. I love mysteries. Maybe the store owner set up a bunch of clues and we have to solve the puzzle!

    There is a place that is somewhat similar to this on Park Ave near Lb Surf, not as much junk. … but i actually see people in there all the time.

  2. ebay store makes sense. that said, 904 west beech is listed as a real estate office. i’ve seen people in there, but i don’t think they were conducting real estate biz 🙂

  3. An ebay store crossed my mind but never seeing anyone in there threw me off. So you’re saying I have a chance of owning an old NY lottery sign? Score!

  4. They have auctions there from time to time. Since when did the B of A leave ? Any idea if another bank will come in ? Would love to see a chase ATM in the West End !

  5. I had asked the people in Treasure Island about that “store” last year and they told me that it was the owner of the cab companies spot and that he buys up estate sale stuff and just keeps in there. Not sure if he sells it on eBay….but if anyone else knows….I always see something interesting in there that I want! :o)

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