Hurricane Irene Surf (I shouldn’t quit my day job)

Allow me to indulge.  In between screwing with NBC, ABC, CBS, Pix 11, the Weather Channel and CNN, I snapped a few clips of the surf coming in on Saturday.

Also, as I talked about on Monday, but was drowned out by the noise of the possible cancellation, talk a look at my post on the gutter-ball.  It seems the reports are getting better and better for surf during surfpocalypse.  Quiksilver may have gambled right and could be in for perfect conditions for an entire week.  To quote Magic Seaweed:

“Best bet on the latest numbers for the comp – 8-12ft faces in a moderate to fresh offshore wind towards the end of next week. These numbers no doubt will change – stay tuned and check your local forecast for the latest detailed long range numbers.”

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