The German Metal Queen’s Long Beach house, Destroyed by Hurricane Irene.

My friend, who is really into Heavy Metal, sent me this one: Doro Pesch, who is known as the German Metal Queen, had her Long Beach house destroyed during Hurricane Irene. That sucks. I wish her luck getting it rebuilt. From the article, Doro states:

“I stayed in New York City for the next ten years. It just got to be too expensive to live in Manhattan, so I moved to Long Beach, Long Island. It’s a nice community here and I’m not that far from the city. I have no complaints.”

You can read the full story here: DORO PESCH’s House In Long Beach, New York Destroyed By Tropical Storm Irene – Sep. 1, 2011.

Doro, if you are still out here in Long Beach, please say hi. Maybe you can write a Heavy Metal theme song for the blog!!

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