SeabytheCity is at the Quiksilver Pro (Surfpocalypse Begins)

As promised, we’ve got our media credentials and will be updating about the event as much as possible.

First off, the merch “tent” is awe-inspiring.  Watching this get built, I had no idea what it would truly be: a full service Quiksilver store.  You walk in and immediately forget the beach is under you.  The store is unbelievably impressive and was packed with customers buying buckets worth of merch.  Forgot your surfboard?  Don’t worry you can just buy one here.  Wetsuit?  Check.  Skateboard…. oh yea got those too.  Perhaps a going out shirt or a digitial camera?  Yup, they are well stocked.  When one resident walked into the “tent” near me, all she could says was “this is amazing,” and it is.

For all those families out there, don’t say Quiksilver doesn’t do anything for you.  Roxy is running FREE surf lessons – with board, gear and instructor, all day at the beach.  Their tent is setup right next to the merch tent (between Edwards and National).  From the sign, it looks like classes “start” every two hours.

Also, keep an eye on the event schedule here, as we are updating it as it changes.

Some satisfied customers

The Roxy Booth

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16 thoughts on “SeabytheCity is at the Quiksilver Pro (Surfpocalypse Begins)”

  1. “Some satisfied customers?”

    They can satisfy themselves on the Edwards Lot, they now have about 50 Porta-Potty, Bathrooms there. Great view for the people that live on East Broadway….

  2. I paid 2.2 million dollars to live ( the White Sands) nexr to a place that is no better than a beer-hall. And the circus that is surrounding us now is shameful.
    Who ever thought of this catastrophic idea up is an idiot.

  3. Sorry, I meant yo write
    I paid 1.2 million dollars to live ( the White Sands) next to a place that is no better than a beer-hall. And the circus that is surrounding us now is shameful.
    Who ever thought of this catastrophic idea up is an idiot.

  4. Yes indeed, we’re going to be seriously inconvenienced, we are already . The parking that was a nightmare already is now 10 times worse. It’s going to be a nightmare 10 fold, and the streets are going to be worse. Full of God only know who and what!
    Will this be a benefit to the business, who knows and who cares? I’m concerned with us people who have to live here with this mess and atmosphere. The business people don’t. They will just take the money and run.
    I live at One East Broadway and have such an unsightly and disgusting scene of Broadway between Riverside and Edwards with about 50 portable toilets, trucks and trailers and dumpsters, waste receptacles, and piles of crap that I’m fed up with it before it even starts. Don’t any of these City Officials care about us people who have to live with this?

  5. Get over it!! This is awesome.. As a beech st person who lives right off National this is great. I am so excited I can’t wait for next year.

  6. This is an excellent event for our residents and visitors of all ages. The energy is great, morale is up since last week’s storm and it just feels like Long Beach is a lot of fun.
    My family went to the competition today and aside from seeing our friends from all over town, we met really lovely people from all over the world – Australia, Tahiti and France. They had nothing, but nice things to say about our city.
    I am so saddened to read some of our residents finding it a challenge to be welcoming to our visitors for a few short weeks.
    I would think we all appreciate the hospitality and courtesy of the locals when we travel. Why can’t we do the same?

  7. I don’t think that anyone complained about the surfing competition, it was all the other hoopla that was canceled that was the problem

  8. Thanks for a positive comment. I am so sick of reading all the negative responses to almost everything that i am beginning to wonder what is wrong with this town. Long Beach has the potential for greatness. We have to stop nit picking everything new that shows up. Sure there will be small inconveniences every now and then and sure there will be noise and disturbances . So what. All of the bad is temporary but the residual of a good impression is lasting
    Lets start enjoying the wonderful place we live in and promote the positive and cut the negative.

  9. Kudos to LB Lifer and Norton Fisher! My sentiments exactly. This is a fabulous event, one that reminds us how fortunate we are to be able to live in this beachside community with easy access to New York City. I have never been on a surf board in my life but I am enjoying every minute of it and hope that this becomes an annual event. The future of Long Beach is in the hands of our young people here and I want them to stay, settle, raise families and bring this town to the glory that it should be.

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