Great White Caps Keep Surf Rock Alive (Guerrilla Concert)

Charles Theofan and the rest of the Long Beach politburo, erred on the side of stupidity and canceled the majority of the Quiksilver Pro at the 11th hour in a kneejerk overreaction.  What did that leave residents with?  No music, no sports demoes, but a surf competition, a merch tent, and a lot of what-could-have-beens.

Instead of letting the music die, the residents of 65 West Broadway played host to the surf rock revival band, the Great White Caps.  Starting in the afternoon and playing on and off into the sunset, this 4-piece from Bethel, PA turned National Blvd into a scene from Gidget.  This impromptu concert treated hundreds of passers-by to dozens of their original tracks and covers – the Godfather theme went over particularly well with the Italians in the crowd.  When the beach closed at 6PM, beach goers thinking their day of entertainment was over were instead able to setup on the sidewalk and enjoy the Great White Caps stylings.  More than one Quiksilver Pro athlete could be spotted in the crowd wondering, “what the hell is going on?”  Kids, adults, and everyone in between loved the free show, leading to the band  to stay on for hours longer than their planned 90-minute set.

Since 2009, the Great White Caps have been melding “60s music, with the 90s NEON with a 2000’s attitude, volume, and energy” to create an experience “akin to a science fiction super hero skinny dipping in the ocean.”  And after the overwhelmingly positive reaction they got after their first show in Long Beach, expect to see these boys back.

The best tribute to this band would have to be what I overheard on the boardwalk.  After coming out of the merch tent, two Quiksilver Pro spectators could faintly hear the echo of drums and guitars.  The couple looked at each other and said “I guess the concert wasn’t canceled after all.”

They are available for immediate bookings and eager to come back to Long Beach.  Anyone interested should email at, and check out their website and Facebook page.

With that, I’ll leave you with their new track, Screech Beach

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