Poll Results & Surfing begins (The Quiksilver Pro New York ASP World Tour Trials)

The poll results are in. Ok, how many of you voted twice? Ah, who cares. Rather than beating a dead horse, let’s just bury this topic and move on. Whether you like it or not, the city made its decision and we have to just deal with it.


The fun stuff begins today:

The Quiksilver Pro New York ASP World Tour Trials, presented by UnSound

The Potential start time is 8am today (Sunday, Sept 4th). The 16 trialists competing are:

Masatoshi Ohno (Japan)
Christobal De Col (Peru)
Fisher Heaverly (USA)
Sam Hammer (USA)
Garrett Parkes (Aus)
Keanu Asing (Haw)
Aaron Cormican (USA)
TJ Gumiela (USA)
Marc Lacomare (Fra)
Jeremy Johnston (USA)
Travis Logie (SAfr)
Ryan Carlson (USA)
Maxime Huscenot (Fra)
Clay Marzo (Haw)
Asher Nolan (USA)
Leif Engstrom (USA)

As always, please refer to our Event Schedule for surfing times and local festival info.

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