Quiksilver Pro Behind the Scenes Tour (Surfpocalypse is On)

First off, the Quiksilver Pro Trials are ON.  You can watch the live stream right here if you’re too lazy to go down.  The waves are crappy, but these kids will throw things today that will blow your mind.  It is about the surfer, not the board or the wave.

Yesterday, after getting my media creds, I went through the VIP zone and finally got to check out what all the hard work has been about.  In a word, things they’ve built are amazing.  I’ve already covered the merch tent here.  In the VIP zone, the first thing I wanted to do was get into the media tower – the highest structure built.  Loaded with trendy couches and director’s chairs, the views were incredible.  Having this bird’s eye view of the packed beach and surf was awesome.  Watching some of the young guns out in the water also blew me away.

I talked Ryan with Karl’s construction who said he’s been here since the middle of July.  This Marylander helped put everything together , took it all apart, and now just did it again.  He was tired, but excited that it was finally done and ready to go.

From the media tower

Next, I went into the VIP tent and lockers.  This main tent is nicer than my house.  Loaded with flat screens, workout equipment, and plush finishings, I realized I picked the wrong line of work!  While there, hometown favorite Balaram Stack came through to chill out for a second before starting another surf session.


Hanging in the Atheletes’ tent


Here’s some photos from the rest of the site:

Judges’ View

Judges’ Tower

Balaram heading out


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