EVERYTHING DELICIOUS (This is not a review)

After talking about it since March, the owners of  Avenue Café finally opened up their bakery:

EVERYTHING DELICIOUS (44 W. park Ave. Long Beach, NY)

I was walking on Park right after a wonderful meal at Sugo and saw that not only was this bakery finally open, but they were handing out free cookies. I took the bait.

The cookie-distributor guy told me they just opened Saturday night. We went inside. I got some coffee and ate the free cookie, so I can’t really give a proper review based on those two items. The coffee was Green Mountain-brand, which was good and the cookie was tasty – but everything free tastes good.

The decor was really cool. I loved the yellow & blue walls and the floor tile was neat. The people that worked there seemed very friendly.

Anybody else try this new bakery out?


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5 thoughts on “EVERYTHING DELICIOUS (This is not a review)”

  1. We had dinner Saturday night at The Avenue Cafe and they were HEAVILY advertising the opening of the new bakery-they even had a cake with a beachy theme set up on the “dry” bar (what happened to the liquor??)There was also a guy on street passing out free cannolis-seemed ok. Like you said-everything tastes good when its free!! Kinda bad timing for an opening though-Labor Day weekend??

  2. GREAT SPOT ! You can count on me hitting this place a few times a week , They have every thing I crave for and everything is “Delicious” . I really went all out brought deserts home for five had coffee and desert with my love while we were there , Under $30. What a Great date night it was. No disappointments, Service and staff were Great . Best location in the center of town and I have been stopping in after work right off the LIRR . My new Spot

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