Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market Review

I have driven by the Farmer’s Market many times and my inner foodie has gone nuts, but yet I just made it there Saturday for the first time. Shame on me for waiting so long.

So in an effort to not buy everything in sight I biked there with some friends, being as there is only so much you can tow on a manual two-wheeler.

From what I have heard there were less vendors than usual but I still left sad that I could not carry more. Maybe one of the reasons I didn’t go prior was because I thought it would be mostly produce. Boy was I wrong!

Not only was there a great variety of vendors, the vibe itself made me immediately smile. Small live music, a little girl selling mint iced tea (adorable and counting her own change no-less), and just pleasant people all around.

It was early and I went hungry so to keep with my “I will not buy everything” frame of mind I grabbed an everything pretzel from The Pretzel Stop truck that was parked out front. It was yummy and I was on my way.

From seafood to produce to gluten-free booths, this small market brought the goods. It’s also like Costco with the amount of samples you can get. All of the vendors that have a specific food product have it for the tasting.

Now to the stand-outs and what I bought…there was a pickle guy, Horman’s Best Pickles. Every kind we tried was great and the options range from sour, dill, bread & butter to cajun and horseradish. I opted for straight up sour for my first experience and I think me leaving the beach mid-day yesterday just to grab a pickle says it all. I’m in.

Bread Alone was a big hit for their cheese rolls, olive and onion focaccia and apple soda bread.

Drum roll for my favorite…Millport Dairy. WOW. Walking up to the booth I was immediately enticed by the friendly Amish man serving up samples of his cheeses, beef jerky, baked goods, eggs and pickled jarred items among others. I tried all of the cheeses (no surprise here) and they were all excellent. I like to experiment with the not so ordinary so I bought the garlic & chive cheese. Creamy and oh so tasty! I also bought his farm-fresh smoked bacon. Yep, not your typical bacon here. I made it and I have to say it is the best bacon I have ever had. You can absolutely tell it is not store-bought and I dare you not to eat the entire package.

I wish I could have fit some of the seafood and more but there’s always Wednesday, right? I hear there is also a ravioli booth sometimes, which I would also love to check out.

Anyone else have any favorites from our market?







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9 thoughts on “Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market Review”

  1. It was this guy who came from upstate. He had everything, but his chicken was the best. A lot of people called him the Chicken Guy. He just stopped coming sometime early August. The Farmer’s Market Manager mentioned on the facebook page how she was looking into it. Hopefully we will get a replacement.

    Oh The Coffee stand is good too. We just got some beans for a french press and it’s really good.

  2. Ronnybrook Farms is the BEST–I was in the food service industry and they were in the booth across from at a industry food show- we spent 3 days across the aisle from each other-NICEST FAMILY, GREAT PEOPLE and FABULOUS YOGURT!!!

  3. Farmers market is awesome… only problem is that it ends kinda early for commuters. I take the 520pm train home and can barely catch them as they’re starting to pack up. I think a lot of commuters that work past 5pm miss it all together.

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