Opening Ceremony starts at 11am, Surfing at 11:30am.

My alarm went off at 6:30 this morning. I ate a quick breakfast and road my bike to Quiksilver Village, only to find out that the opening ceremony time has been changed; it was no longer at the 7am slot that was emailed to me last night. Nope. The new start time is now at 11am, followed by surfing at 11:30am. I got this update from a security guard, who did a much better job than all the email, text and webpage alerts that I set up. Let that be a lesson to all you folks: security guards are more reliable than technology.

Here are some LB Lifeguards preparing for the “Hawaiian-style” Quiksilver Pro NY opening ceremony:


A bunch of folks showed up thinking the festivities were to begin at 7am. Everybody looked confused and disappointed. No drunks, druggies or troublemakers though.. they all just looked like normal people. No riots broke out when they learned about the time change.

I spoke to one resident who came down with his family. He expressed his frustration with the schedule updates, how they needed to do a better job informing us of all these changes. I agreed with him.

The good news is: Surfing starts today @ 11:30am.

The Tournament Bracket now has names!  Here is ROUND 1: 


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  1. Sofield stated at council meeting that he was at ceremony and quicksilver only asked Ed To speak.. Wonder why Sofield wasn’t asked..or why he didn’t say may I say WELCOME to the crowd

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