Surfers + Jet Ski = Awesome (QP Tow-In Mini-Session)

For the third expression session, following the earlier FreeSurf we shot here, they decided to bring some jet skis into the mix.  Whipping the dudes into mushy wind-swept waves at 30MPH allowed the guys to go big, and go down hard.  They gave no regard for their bodies and just tried to put on a good show for the crowd.  I’ve got to say, most of the thousands of spectators probably had no idea the “contest” wasn’t on today, and I doubt any cared.  Surfpocalypse put on an amazing exhibition of what this sport is all about.


With speed and sloppy conditions, wipeouts were aplenty

TJ Gumiela, who would eventually win, ripping it

Balaram Stack, partying on his 20th birthday with a power slide

Balaram flying with TJ looking on

TJ getting pulled in for another

Balaram grabbing the rail

TJ totally committed, not even holding a rail

An attempted board flip goes awry



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