Balaram Stack & Kelly Slater (Photos from Round 1, Heat 6)

Photos from today’s exciting Stack/Slater showdown. For a writeup, check out Shaun’s post – Kelly Owns First Heat, Balaram Up Against Another Champ Next.

All photos were taken by Anthony. Click on images for a larger view.

While Balaram & Kelly were surfing, you can really see the difference between youth and experience. Balaram was taking risks, getting fancy, hitting as many waves as he could. While Kelly was the smoothest, most patient surfer I had ever seen.











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6 thoughts on “Balaram Stack & Kelly Slater (Photos from Round 1, Heat 6)”

  1. thanks. yeah it just appeared that way, unless I created that plot line in my head.

    I was hoping to get better Kelly Slater shots. I think I need to get one of those big lenses. Maybe I’ll sell my left lung.

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