New E. Broadway Building (LB Keeps getting taller)

Despite all the FOR SALE signs sprinkled across the city, new stuff keeps getting built. An apartment-style building is going up on E. Broadway, between Lincoln & Franklin Blvds. It’s not the largest we’ve seen, but it’s pretty significant. Unless I’m missing something, this appears to be the tallest development in Long Beach since the Aqua on the Ocean in 2008 (see-I have seen the future and it is good or bad).

I borrowed some google map images as a comparison to what was there before: A one family house.

It makes you wonder just how long it’ll be until similar developments take over all of East & West Broadway.

OUT with the small and IN with the tall?

Our small city skyline keeps changing.  I’m not sure if this new building is a co-op, condo or rental. If this were ten years ago, we’d probably be looking at a photo of a mini-mansion, which would of attracted a higher price. Thankfully those went out of style.

Population increase & diverse housing appears to be part of the city’s agenda, but just how many people can this tiny city fit?

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5 thoughts on “New E. Broadway Building (LB Keeps getting taller)”

  1. I saw this the other day too. They put that framing up very fast. The house that was on the property was a disaster – and the one next to it still is (sorry if you live there, but comeon it looks like a junk yard). I’m guessing small condo complex – 4/6 units?

  2. Long Beach desperately needs an Architectural Review Board, in addition to a Code Compliance Officer. Just because a plan gets past the zoning board, doesn’t mean that it will be the right fit for a Long Beach neighborhood. WE NEED ADMINISTRATORS WITH VISION!!

  3. Architectural Review Board that has a vision for the look of Long Beach -especially the downtown areas. They are looking worse and worse and the new buildings have nothing to do with what’s there.

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