Some advice for the Quiksilver Pro Merch Team

I have some advice for the Quiksilver Pro Merchandise Team. It’s too late now, but if you come back next year (I hope you come back next year), here is something to think about:

Your makeshift Quiksilver store on the beach is very impressive: the size of it, the variety of items, the 20% discount for LB residents – everything about it is wonderful. But, there is one thing missing…  none of the official apparel have the words LONG BEACH printed on them.

Let me tell you a little bit about Long Beach, NY. This town has to be the most represented area on Long Island. Heck, probably one of the most in all of New York, with the iconic-I LOVE NY logo for NYC being the most of course.

We love our Long Beach-logos and we wear them proudly.

The Polar Bear hoodies are a prime example. I don’t think I go a day during the cold months when I don’t see anybody wearing one. Cars with the LB SURF or UNSOUND bumper stickers? See them everyday of my life.

I realize there is the UNSOUND table at the store with a few LB-related items, but I am talking about the official Quiksilver Pro merch. Add the words LONG BEACH to some t-shirts or hats and we will buy them. Correction: WE WILL BUY A LOT OF THEM. And your cash registers will thank us. (Ching Ching!)

Something like this, but with next year’s logo:


UPDATE: I am not asking for Quiksilver to change the event name from QUIKSILVER PRO NEW YORK to QUIKSILVER PRO LONG BEACH.  I’m just asking them to make a t-shirt or two with the words “Long Beach” on them, just like my example above. The people that live in Long Beach will buy thousands of them. I just know it.

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  1. LB residents get 20% off? Had no idea. I would definitely be more likely to buy Quiksilver merchandise if it said Long Beach on it. Good call here.

  2. I thought the hours were 9 to 9, but they didn’t open until 10 today.
    I was there at 8:45pm the other night. I guess they stay open as long as lots of people are there, but you are safe if you go before 8:30.

  3. You are exactly right about this one! We love our city and like to wear the LB logo wherever we go so we can tell everyone how great it is to live here. On the positive side, I was watching the live feed for two days and did hear them mention more than once how wonderful the people, businesses, and lifeguards here in Long Beach have been.

  4. Anthony,
    Do you really think that Quiksilver wants to do anything that would tarnish their brand? They have spent millions building and promoting their name and it status. Why would they expend one iota of effort to add Long Beach to their merchandise. When someone buys a t-shirt from them and wears it at different locations they are doing what Quicksilver wants, promoting the “Quicksilver” name. If you want LB shirts contact the chamber of commerce to get that done.

  5. Great idea about the Long Beach connection on the Quiksilver merchandise. Would definitely bring the Long Beach tourist opportunity to places all over the world. Good call Anthony. Have you ever considered running for City Council?

  6. Mark,
    I assumed that Anthony wanted the Quiksilver/Long Beach combination to appear on the shirts. Not just Quiksilver/New York. I know that’s what I was looking for at the Merch. tent. Wanted to give them out as Christmas gifts to my daughters, nephews etc.

  7. MEP,
    Which is a bigger draw for Quicksilver? Quicksilver/New York or Quicksilver/Long Beach? Most people would confuse our LB with LB, CA. The event was called Quiksilver Pro New York not Quiksilver Long Beach. “You wanted….” How much did you soend in the Quiksilver tent and were you aware of the 20% discount?

  8. Maxine,
    Did that sale person actually work in the merchandising dept for Quiksilver? or were they a temp hired for the duration of the event here in Long Beach?

  9. Hi,

    I’m not looking for Quiksilver to change the identity from Quicksilver/New York to Quicksilver/Long Beach.

    Did you see my tshirt example? The event is called Quiksilver Pro New York and it has to stay that way, but just make at least one tshirt design with Long Beach, NY Sept 4-15 on the bottom – just like what you would get at a rock concert with tour dates.

    Look at my t-shirt example in this post above.

    Oh and Hi Mark Tannenbaum, the Executive Vice President of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce. Welcome to the blog!

    As far as your comment regarding “tarnishing the brand,” how would adding “Long Beach, NY” like in my tshirt example tarnish the brand? When the Rolling Stones play New Jersey, do they leave that state off the list of tour dates on their shirts because it will tarnish the brand? I am just asking for one shirt design. Not revamping the entire thing.

    Just like on all the banners and posters. The Long Beach residents would eat them up.

    Quiksliver Pro, New York
    2011 USA
    Long Beach, NY
    Sept 4-15

    You can sell the same shirt without Long Beach, NY on it too. Anyways, thanks for checking out the blog.

  10. anthony, you must be a mind reader. I was in the store today and was thinking the ver same thing. In fact, i ledpft empty handed because none of their stuff was emblazoned with LB.

    If there had been some LB related merch i definitely would have bought it. Ill tell you what, if the surf comp comes back next year and they have lb related merch, I’ll be twice as happy.

  11. Mark,
    I spent about $30 for a shirt for my brother-in-law, and yes, I got the resident discount. I did not find their merchandise to be overly expensive.

  12. Anthony,
    When you approach Quiksilver with this great idea ask them if there is any way that they could make these shirts available for sale through the local merchants only. The tent could sell the normal Quiksilver wares but these special LB branded merchandise would be available on through local merchants? Not just the Surf shops but all LB merchants.

  13. Mark:

    Would you require your Chamber of Commerce Members to give the same 20% discount for the Long Beach apparel, if your members were given license to sell them? If not, what would be the incentive to give the local Merchants that chance to make money, if they don’t want to give the same courtesy discount to Residents, that Quiksilver already gives ?

    I would not be surprised if local vendors like All Seasons, would start knocking off Anthony’s idea and selling such Merch’ with Long Beach on it this week, instead of waiting for next year and permission. That would be shady, but not surprising for them.

    BTW, I think it would have been proper for you to give fair/honest disclosure and post you are Exec. V.P. of the Chamber of Commerce, instead of having to be called out on it. Not everyone recognizes your name, I didn’t.

  14. Mr Tide Line,
    If that is your real name, most retailers would look unfairly on the proposal if they were “required” to give 20% off. They have overhead (rent/taxes), they do not have the luxury of setting up tents on the boardwalk. Yes the cost for the Quiksilver tent must have been extensive, but the local merchants have fixed costs 12 months of the year. Some may and some may not offer discounts, but remember they are not in the same position as Quicksilver with regards to the cost they pay for their goods, since Quiksilver would still need to make their profit on anything sold to the local merchants.

    Many businesses in Long Beach already sell merchandise that is branded with “Long Beach” and I invite you to visit some of them to find out exactly what they do in fact sell.

  15. I think Quiksilver spent millions to market THEIR event and the many other expenses that they had to lay out for, throughout the year. They should retain the exclusive rights to sell their event merchandise, with Long Beach written on it or not, at their event.

  16. Mr. Line,
    Yes they have the right to make money from their investment, but possibly extending this little piece to local businesses, could go a long way to spreading good will throughout the business community.
    You spoke earlier about disclosure. Do you have an interest in a local business (as per your earlier comment regarding knocking off Anthony’s idea) or are you affiliated in anyway with Quiksilver?

  17. Mark:

    I do not have any interest, in any local business, nor do I work for Quiksilver.

    When you say the local businesses have rent to pay, I beleive the L.B. Permit cost Q.S. $150,000. They could not even have a beer tent, as normally they do at every event they put on all over the world, except here in Long Beach, because the local businesses objected to Q.S. selling beer.
    I think that is an accomodation to the local businesses, as is not allowing Q.S. to lease out space to other vendors, to sell food.
    I wonder how many, if any of the local businesses, pay $150,000 or more in rent each year ? How many ways should Q.S. be stiffled to accomodate the local Merchants ?
    I have seen no mention of the numerous unemployed, or under employed people that Q.S., or Summit Security has hired. A close friend of mine being one of them.
    I also don’t see any mention about the tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise that Q.S. donated to local charities, some of it was rain soaked. I think much of their product is designed to get wet anyway, so it would still be useable after a washing, or no washing.
    I just beleive in a level playing field…..

  18. Mr. Line,
    You still continue to speak like you have access to inside information, are you sure you are not affiliated in some manner with Quiksilver. You have listed some interesting numbers and facts that I was not aware of, especially the amount of the permit. I think this will need to be researched. You should ask your friend to possibly apply for a position with a local company.

    In the interest of fairness, I hope that Quiksilver does in fact release the employment figures so we can get a more accurate assessment of the effect on the local community.

    You mention the merchandise donated to local charities, I ask you to also think about the contributions of local businesses that are made throughout the year all 12 months. And these contributions are not “rain soaked”, which the donator would probably not have been able to sell so they write them off. Commendable but not entirely altruistic.

  19. Mark:

    I thought I was clear last time, but I will address it again, since I beleive full disclosure is important. I have never, nor am I currently and I never plan on working for Quiksilver.I do however, know a lot of people.
    As for my friend, he has been looking for Armed Security work for 3 years with local companies, no one would hire him. He found work at the event and now they will be using him for other work they have. A big win for him, at a time that he needed it.
    As for the permit fee, you can call City Hall and ask. I think they should tell you, I feel it is public information. Or, you can research on the interwebz, the info’ is out there.
    To characterize Q.S. donations as “rain soaked” is not accurate. For one other example, what about the awning they set up at the shoreline for the Q.S. Foundation, they accepted cash for wristbands, T Shirts and Sweatshirts and the MONEY went to local charities. I was told a long list of the charities, but did not pay close enough attention to pass it along.

    Mark your negativity toward anything Q.S. did, is showing through. If you really want to work with Q.S. and get more accomodations from them, than they have already given to local businesses, you should take a different approach. Q.S. is not going away, in fact they will be back. Call it my prediction…

  20. Mark, It’s all about the Long Term Effect.

    By the way, some of my family members, about 8 people came down on saturday to check out Quiksilver. they’re from other towns on Long Island. We ate a giant meal at Gino’s and had some frozen Yogurt at tutti frutti. How is that not contributing to the local businesses?

    You have to stop looking at charts, facts and figures because that gets us nothing, but a lot of paperwork. The benefits in the long run will outweigh what has happened here in the past week. Look at the long term effect.

  21. Mr Line,
    I too know a lot of people, perhaps we know some of the same people.

    As I have said the cost of the permit and the cost to the city for holding this event will need to be researched, and since it was the first of this size the next time the permit price can be adjusted from whatever it was for this one.

    You brought it to my attention that Quiksilver donated “rain soaked” merchandise, now you wish that i would not describe it as you described it to me?

    I would love Quiksilver and others to work with local merchants to allow all to succeed and I also understand Quiksilver needs foremost to put there needs above any other entity, be it a local business, the city government or the residents in order to maximize their profits.

    I am glad Quiksilver came down and made a profit and presented an event that a lot of residents enjoyed, I just think it was presented to the residents and merchants and something else, even in its stripped down version.

  22. ” Go to the Chamber of Commerce to get that done? ” Are you kidding?
    It is actually the Chamber that disappointed me the most in the Quiksilver event. The Chamber went door-to-door promoting a coupon book to businesses that they (the Chamber)would be responsible for circulating at the various surf events and at the Allegria. It cost $325 to advertise in the booklet…and as an extra bonus, one could join the Chamber at a discounted rate. (wow!)
    Did anyone ever see this booklet? I attended several of the events…never saw a booklet. I asked many of my customers….they never saw a booklet. I finally found a booklet…it was sitting inside a carton in the Chamber of Commerce office.
    Instead of criticizing Quiksilver…perhaps you should look at yourselves. Perhaps you could have helped better promote us local retailors. If we are lucky enough to host the Quiksilver event, perhaps you can help us local retailors in joining the festivities, not competing with them. (booths on the boardwalk for us, as well?)
    I fully support Long Beach hosting the event. I hope the restaurants and delis in town benefitted from the extra visitors.
    Personally, my business is successful because local residents and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Most of us business owners also are residents here. We contribute to local benefits, we enjoy seeing our neighbors, and we are just trying to make a living the same as the next.
    If we are lucky enough to host the Quiksilver surf event again…the only change I will make is to not advertise through the Chamber.
    PS. To the Chamber vice president who keeps giving his opinions….you don’t even LIVE or WORK in Long Beach! Not sure how you got to be the vice -president…..

  23. Mark:

    Likely, we do know many of the same people.

    On another note, I do take objection to you demeaning, one of Q.S. donations. The rain soaked clothing, was but the first example that came to mind. You made it sound like that was the only donation they have made to the local charities and then you DEMEANED it. This tact will not foster good relations with Q.S., I am quite sure of that. Instead of antaganizing people and Q.S., you should be trying to bridge the gap and mend fences, if you want your agenda to succeed ?
    I then gave another example of Q.S. donations to local charities, in the form of the Q.S. Foundation, who donated cash from the sales of wrist bands, t shirts and sweathshirts on the shoreline, during the competition. Are you going to demean that now? I will bet you lunch, they made other donations beyond the two examples I have given. Since we are talking about donations, could you provide a list of donations to charities that the Chamber of Commerce, has made in the last 12 months?
    To close, I don’t beleive Q.S. misrepresented anything, at least that I am aware of. Can the same be said for the way the City represented this event ?

  24. I too did not see any coupon booklet during the course of the Q.S. event and I was there most of the days.
    First Mark does not disclose that he is representing the Chamber of Commerce, I think that is called Guerilla Marketing and now we find out he does not even live here. Unbeleiveable. Mark, anything else important that you are not telling us ?

  25. Mr Line,
    I did not mean to demean Quiksilver’s donations. I was not even aware of the particular donation you referred to that Quicksilver made until you brought it up. And correct me if I am wrong but you were the first to describe the donation your were referring to as “rain soaked”.

    You speak of mending fences.. who has built these supposed fences and what would you suggest the local businesses do to remove them? Do you have any suggestion on how the local businesses improve this and future events while becoming more involved?

    I cannot speak to how the city may or may not have represented this event, for we all know that situation has not been handled in a manner pleasing to residents of this city. That response would be better addressed by the city itself.

  26. I’m also a retailer in LB and I must say that I not only didn’t see ANY increase in business during the past 2 weeks, but business was off for me. If your not in the restaurant or surf related business, this event did nothing for us.

    Oh I almost forgot the Hotel where all the money was sucked into.

  27. B.M. in L.B., perhaps if the bigger crowds had attended the Entertainment that was canceled, maybe you would have seen some business, with the much larger crowds. That stands to reason. On the other hand, without knowing what business you are in, it is hard to say. Best to you, hope next year’s event is better for you.

  28. Mark:

    Go back and read what you wrote and then tell me you did not disparage one of their donations. I do not take issue with the description of “Rain Soaked”, as that is the way they honestly described it to me, but with your other comments and you made it sound as it was the only donations they made, which it clearly was not.
    As long as we are talking about donations from Q.S. again. I asked you to provide a list of donations that the Chamber of Commerce has made, in the last 12 months and you did not reply. Yet, you want me to continue to put out more information that you don’t have and then make suggestions to help the Chamber going forward. The phrase Quid Pro Quo, seems to apply here.

    As for the obstacles/fences, Q.S. would likely say the the City Council and or City Mgr., would be to blame for that, with some actual, or perceived pressure from the local Chamber of Commerce making things more difficult for them, as well as costing them money. While I do have some ideas that could help both parties, you are the one being paid here to come up with new strategies here going forward, not I.

  29. There will be a next year event…several local businesses have already been contracted to participate.
    Tide line you ROCK! Tannenbaum…you sound like a fool…stop arguing. The only copy of the the coupon book I saw was at a place that paid to advertise in it. They paid extra to be in the section where the music was and then there was NO MUSIC! I hope you are planning on refunding them!

  30. Mr. Tannenbaum,
    Please stop speaking on behalf of the local businesses.
    The Chamber does little or nothing in support of the local businesses. Many businesses don’t even belong to the Chamber for that reason.
    And ironically, you don’t even have a business in town!

  31. And maybe the event would not have gone as smoothly as it did.
    And maybe the drunks would have killed the whole enchilada.. As I think would have happened.

  32. But it did go smoothly…Surfers are not gansta rappers, they are the mellowest people in the world. Stop being so high and mighty. There are plenty of drunks who pee on lawns that are not young or music listeners or SURFERS. I refer you to Irish Day!

  33. Maybe you are frustrated because you did not see the business you expected to and are lashing out now, anomymously. Which local business are you ?

  34. Mark:

    Did you know that Quiksilver opened a store in O’Side two weeks ago ? Could you imagine the hoopla your members would have made if Q.S. has opened their store in L.B. to compete against your Chamber members, as is their right to do so? When you say you want accomodations from Q.S., I would say you just got another one from them.

  35. The difference is, I don’t do business here, you do and you refuse to even say what business you have. What do you have to hide? You are a good example of people who say things on the internet, who would never say the same things in person. If you really thought the things you are writing here weren’t so tasteless and out of line, you would not be AFRAID of what your customers would be thinking. What does that say about the way you conduct your business?
    I post under a screen name, for my personal security (PERSEC). You do know there are many nuts and violent people on the internet, don’t you ?

  36. Rich, Thanks I just tell it like it is, with no agenda. I wish politicians and local business people would post under their business’ name and or disclose what title they have with an organization that is involved in the discussion. I think that is called fair and full disclosure, instead of misrepresenting themselves….

  37. Tideline,
    I have been out of pocket this week. I do not have a list of charities that businesses have donated to. But I am sure if you enter any business in Long Beach you will see plaques, letters and other signs of what donations each business has made.

    I am also certain that more than a few of them have donated to such good causes as the Special Olympics

  38. What makes you think the Entertainment would not have gone as smoothly as the Competition portion did ? It’s all supposition at this point. We will find out for sure next year.

  39. Mark, Businesses in LB, pay the Chamber of Commerce to be members, correct ? My questions was, since the C of C is funded, what Charitable Donations have been made directly from the C of C ?

    If you are going to provide commentary as a speaker for the C of C, about non member company’s charitable donations, then it is a fair questions for you to disclose what charitable donations that C of C has made within the last year.

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