Surfpocalypse Thursday Schedule

(Taj Burrow Getting Ready before Round 1)

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Rounds, heats.  Head-to-head and three-ways.  Priority waves and close-outs.

What the hell are they talking about??

I’m going to go through everything and tell you what is on store for the next two days with regards to the Quiksilver Pro.

What’s happened already

On Sunday, the Unsound trials were run in abysmal conditions (window was cut to only 1 day because of Irene).  Asher Nolan won a wild card entry into the Quiksilver Pro ASP tour.

On Tuesday, the Quiksilver Pro began.  Round 1 was run – 12 heats with three men in the water.  Non-elimination but the winner of the heat got to skip Round 2.

On Wednesday, Round 2 began early at 7:30AM.  All 12 heats were run, with the loser being eliminated.  On this day, Balaram lost his chance at the dream of of winning his first ASP tour stop, but he’s young and has a ton of potential.  As the waves began to feel the power of Hurricane Katia, the organizers kept the competition going, beginning Round 3.  Round 3 is made up of the winners of Round 1 and Round 2, another 12 heats.

Round 3 ran heats 1-4.  Check the highlights on Taj Burrow Vs. Adam Melling – high flying amazingness.

What’s Next

On Thursday, the remainder of Round 3 will begin.  Heats 5-12 will run.  Because Bobby Martinez was thrown off the tour after an expletive-laden rant on live TV, Kelly Slater currently does not have an opponent.  This is unfamiliar waters, so it is unclear if one of the alternate wildcards will be subbed in or Kelly will just advance straight to the next round.

Rounds 4 and 5 are run with 6 heats each, and are identical to rounds 1-3 with the first being a three-man non-elimination, and Round 5 being an elimination round.  After Round 3 is completed they will move straight into them and get as much of it done as possible.

Round 4 heat 1 will will be amazing – featuring Taj Burrow, Adriano De Souza, and Jeremy Flores.

Friday morning – very early, probably with a 7am start, the quarter finals will start.  4 heats.  From there, two heats in the semi finals, and then one heat in the finals.  By Friday at lunch time, the winner of 300,000$ will be decided.

Fear not, they will likely run some free surf events this weekend, so you’ll still get a chance to see the pros in action.  I’ll be on the beach all day tomorrow and update as much as possible.  Comment if there is anything specific you want me to get or anyone you want me to talk to.

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