Organic, Gluten-Free & Delicious..and right here in Long Beach! (A Cookbook Review)

Seabythecity blogger Sue wrote a great article about the Kennedy Plaza Farmers Market the other week, and I, too, am in love with the Market. We are so lucky to have access to fresh-from-the-farm produce twice a week from May through November. And, if you’re as crazy as I am, you’re buying more than you need now and freezing it for the winter! For now we get to enjoy the fresh stuff.

But sometimes I’ll buy whatever fruits or veggies or fish looks good (which is usually a lot) and then I won’t have any idea what to do with it. For example, I had never bought and made scallops until I saw how good the fish guy Casey’s looked, and I got a bunch. I didn’t really know how to cook them or what ingredients would help bring out their flavor. I have a copy of local Long-Beacher Erica V. Milone’s cookbook Organic, Gluten-Free & Delicious, and I was itching to use it, since we like to eat healthy foods in our household. Lo and behold, I found a great recipe in there for Scrumptious Summer Scallops, which were so easy and delicious and had coconut sprinkled on top.  I was making scallops!

Another market day, I bought a ton of zucchini, and my husband and I were pretty sick of eating it sautéed/grilled/baked. I used her recipe for Zucchini Carrot Loaf. It was a hit! We served it to some friends that evening for dessert, and it was totally gone. Last winter we tried her Creamy Chicken & Rice Soup recipe, which called for coconut milk. I love using coconut milk in soups. You really can’t taste an overt coconut flavor, and you get the richness of dairy. The soup was really good, and filling too.

Now that the winter squashes are just coming into season, I can’t wait to try her Herbed Spaghetti Squash recipe, and this Thanksgiving I’m looking forward to cooking Millet Stuffing. There are plenty of recipes for breakfasts, salads, sides, sauces, soups, and main dishes. She also has great options for dessert: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies, Double Chocolate Biscotti, Brown Rice Pudding, etc. My mouth is watering.

Although the first edition of Organic, Gluten-Free & Delicious is sold out, the second edition (which is updated and has new recipes) will be available in select retail stores in October or November, and you can also pre-order it now on her website here.

What I love most about Erica’s cookbook is that it highlights local, seasonal ingredients. It’s really important to support our local farmers and fisher people, and you get the best-tasting, most nutritious food when it’s not shipped from thousands of miles away.

Check out Erica’s blog for a sampling of some of her recipes!

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  1. Shaun,

    If you would ever be willing to cook/eat my Teriyaki Spice Chicken wings (that will appear in my next cookbook in 2012), I bet you would change your tune 🙂

    Just sayin, keep an open mind, you just might surprise yourself.

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