CONFIRMED: Boardwalk Violence – Man Robbed and Beaten, Possibly at Gunpoint



Update 4:30 PM: City Manger Charles Theofan has responded to our email to the City Council.  Read about it here.  Details below are updated.

UPDATE 3:30 PM: Herald has gotten details from City Manager Theofan.  Added below

UPDATE 3:00 PM:  We’ve been contacted directly by the LBPD after they commented below and they said we’ll just have to “wait for the department to prepare their comments,” but did not confirm whether they will or will not actually make a formal press release on a man being beaten and robbed at gunpoint.

For those of you asking how to become involved, feel free to contact your police department at (516) 431-1800, City Hall at  (516) 431-1000 or email the City Council directly.

City Manager, Charles Theofan –,
City Council President Thomas Sofield –,
City Council Vice President Mona Goodman –,
City Council Member John McLaughlin –,
City Council Member Michael Fagen –,
City Council Member Len Torres –

UPDATE 1:25pm: I have a gut feeling the City of Long Beach and LBPD are going to try to bury this one… I just called the LBPD and spoke to someone from the Civillian Records Admin. They want us to submit a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request that has to be drop off regarding this incident. I’m going to do it, but I doubt they’ll get back to me. Oh, but this won’t go away. I road my bike on E. Broadway in that exact area last night around 10:45 and now I am a bit freaked out. FYI: They didn’t deny that this happened.

– Anthony


Breaking Newsflash here.  The Beach House has alerted us to a violent robbery last night on the boardwalk in the vicinity of Lincoln Blvd at 10:20PM.  There have been no arrests made, but the City Manger says they will be “forthcoming”

The Herald has confirmed through City Manager Theofan that:

“There was a man jogging on the boardwalk at around 10:20 p.m. by Lincoln Boulevard,” Theofan said. “He was accosted by five youths, and they punched him in the head and stole his iPod and iPhone.”

City Manger Charles Theofan confirms these facts directly with us as well, but disputes that a gun was involved in the crime.

I’ve included the Beach House’s first post below that got the ball rolling.  Thanks for posting this:

good morning everyone. a close friend of ours was robbed and beaten at gun point last night on the long beach boardwalk. we want to wish him a speedy recovery and also, we want the city of long beach to stop the growing epidemic of violent crimes being perpetrated on the boardwalk at night by gangs and thugs! all too often it is happening and it is being swept under the rug in order to protect revenue for the city. yes, i said it! this is our family! this is our city! do something!

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about increasing concerns that something just like this would happen on the boardwalk.  Well, now it has, and the Police will have to do something about it.

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85 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: Boardwalk Violence – Man Robbed and Beaten, Possibly at Gunpoint”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this!!! Something needs to be done now. There have been gangs of men (and I mean 30 of them in a group) smoking weed on the boardwalk and menacing/following locals home. I’ve been complaining about this for a while, but the police don’t seem to be increasing patrols. We need to stop this before we have gangs ruining our boardwalks!!!

  2. My guess would be is that the general manager is not particularly happy with the tone of the Beach House employee who posted the messages. don’t worry – that’s what screen grabs are for

  3. City of Long Beach shady as always. It’s funny how the Herald has yet to post anything about the incident and how again everything is swept under the rug. Please do our community justice by reporting news that actually matters to the members of this community, Shaun!

  4. There was another one Saturday night. A friend of mine got a call from his 18 yr old son who was beaten up by at least 10 men on the boardwalk at about 11:30pm. I don’t think it was reported to the cops though…

  5. Please check – if there’s a police report or anything, we’ll certainly have to add that to the story. If he hasn’t gone to the police, I’d recommend that he does and get it in the system.

  6. UPDATE 1:25pm: I have a gut feeling the City of Long Beach and LBPD are going to try to bury this one… I just called the LBPD Detectives department and spoke to somebody named Steven. They want us to submit a “written” request that has to be drop off regarding this incident. I’m going…

    It’s called a “Freedom Of Information Law” request. It’s basically the only way get anything out of any municipality state-wide.

  7. We’re learning about this as we go along. I’m real worried to have this stuff happen right down the block from where I live. I’m going to make sure I follow up on this one.

  8. It’s called a “spokesman” and every police department has one. A comment to the media/residents is standard procedure and has nothing to do with FOIA.

    Would you care to make a comment Officer?

  9. Me too Anthony. Very scary. What’s even scarier is that there’s been numerous warning signs to the lbpd and nothing has been done. We aren’t letting this go!

  10. This is ridiculous and more than a bit scary. I live between Lincoln and Franklin and this really pi$$e$ me off. Something needs to be done ASAP! Any suggestions on what we, the residents, can do to help get some action from the LBPD??

  11. We should start a petition and present it to the city council at the next meeting. I think the boardwalk would be the best place to gather the signatures. I can gather signatures this evening until it gets dark. Can anyone volunteer to gather signatures on the boardwalk tonight after it gets dark?

  12. Lets face it.

    The Long Beach Road area of the boardwalk is fast becoming a sewer.

    Attracting the worst elements from areas in central Nassau and Queens.

    There is a REAL danger that this situation will drive away residents and law abiding visitors as well.

    These are not “youths” or ” students” acting out

    They are for the most part thugs and street vermin that have attached themselves to this area of the City and are having an impact that is only too evident.

    The Long Beach Police Department needs to call in the Nassau County Police to also patrol this area if the LBPD can not do it on their own.

    Also, my advice to anyone accosted on the boardwalk at night is to fight back with everything you have and try to kill the person attacking you before they kill you.

  13. How long is it going take for them to “prepare comments”? Don’t hold your breath… if it wasn’t for The Beach House posting their initial comments about the robbery, no one would have a clue. Safety at it’s finest.

  14. Long Beach citizens are among the best armed in the State. There are more pistol licenses holders in Long Beach than anywhere else.

    Fortunately, if these minorities continue to pray on Long Beach residents they will eventually meet up with a man or woman who takes self protection seriously.

    If the police won’t protect us, we must protect ourselves. Visit the Nassau County Pistol Bureau and get the paperwork started for your license.

    It isn’t getting any better, folks, and the police are afraid of these people.

  15. So EVERYBODY get a gun? How is that a remotely sane solution? Violence begets violence begets violence… There’s a reason there are more firearm deaths in the United States than any other country in the world. How about getting the guns OFF the streets of Long Beach? Having the “best armed citizens” in the state is not something that makes me sleep any easier at night. We don’t need to encourage random gun fire breaking out on the boardwalk… And no where has anyone stated what ethnicity the attackers were. People who make assumptions about “these people” are the very ones we don’t want having an itchy finger on a trigger. This is not an “us” vs “them” issue, it is a matter of public safety, proper law enforcement response and surveillance in public areas.

  16. “This is not an “us” vs “them” issue”,
    you are wrong that is the exact issue. “Us” = law abiding citizens against “them” – Criminals

    Which side are you on when you are having trouble sleeping at night?

  17. If it were only that easy, Clem. Getting a pistol permit is difficult enough; getting a permit to carry concealed around here is like finding hen’s teeth. Criminals (and politicians it would seem) prefer unarmed victims.

  18. I was referring to Clem, who commented that the minorities are “preying” on long beach and the police are afraid of “them.” I know plenty of upstanding minority citizens in Long Beach, inciting “us” to arm ourselves aingast “them,” and to turn a random robbery into a race war doesn’t do anybody, particular the town we live in, any good.

    I prefer my firearms in the hands of the police, and nowhere else. An all out cry for citizens to arm ourselves and encouragement to use said fire arms in public would do nothing to solve this issue, and yes, would keep me up at night.

  19. The reason why there are so many firearms deaths in the US is because of our liberal “Justice System” that has completely failed to remove dangerous predators from our streets. The vast majority of violent crime is committed by career criminals. Society needs to start punishing criminals, not coddling them. If you have difficulty sleeping because law abiding citizens choose to arm themselves, then maybe you should seek some kind of psychological help. If more law abiding citizens were permitted to carry guns, they would be able to defend themselves against criminals. If more criminals got shot, eventually there would be less criminals. How is that a bad thing?

  20. There’s a reason NYC went from the crime cesspool it was in the 80s to a place where tourists and residents actually feel safe walking around in — we have some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Having laxer gun laws only makes it easier for criminals to get guns. I for one am grateful the politicians don’t hand out permits to carry concealed weapons like candy. These are tools whose only purpose is to kill other human beings. The less of them on the streets, the better. It boggles my mind that the recurring solution to solve gun violence is more guns in the hand of inexperienced civilians. The Long Beach Boardwalk doesn’t need to turn into the OK Corral.

  21. I prefer MY firearms in MY hands. Do you prefer that someone else drives your car, too? No one is proposing a race war or a bloodbath in the streets- we are advocating the right of people to defend themselves against armed robbery. This is a serious issue; your attempt at interjecting hysterics is not helpful.

  22. I’m sorry. I’m with Clem here. Unfortunately, it most certainly is US vs. THEM. I bet these thugs would think twice about trying to rob someone if they thought they were armed. As for the minorities…yes, there are plenty of upstanding minority citizens in Long Beach. That, however, doesn’t change the fact that most of the people starting trouble are the minorities. It’s just the way it is. No one here is claiming that ALL minorities are bad. But the fact is that the person that stole my daughter’s bike was a minority. It is also a fact that each time I walk or ride the boardwalk, a bunch of minorities stand around menacing people and smoking marijuana. Again, I’m not saying all minorities do this. I AM saying that the people I’ve seen doing this are minorities. Period!

  23. My car wasn’t a weapon designed with the only purpose of murdering another human being. Having a license to have a firearm in your own home is a much different scenario then encouraging the citizens of long beach to stroll the boardwalk packing heat. I agree that it is a serious, and one that needs to be answered with a realistic response. Had you been the jogger that was jumped last night with a gun in your back pocket, the situation would have escalated into one much worse than it was.

  24. NYC is safer because of gun control? By that “logic,” Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc, should have extremely low crime rates. In fact, the opposite is true. There are many reasons the NYC crime rate dropped, but gun control is not one of them. Stop drinking Bloomberg’s Kool-Aid.

  25. First of all, our “liberal” justice system currently incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. Secondly, it is simply logic that more guns = more gun violence. As someone posted earlier, is your life really worth an ipod? Can you guarantee you aren’t going to shoot an innocent bystander while attempting to protect yourself? Is vigilante justice really the road we want this town to take?

    Or would stepping up law enforcement patrols be a more safer, realistic route for all?

    And while I appreciate the concern, I don’t think I need to seek psychological help because the thought of everyone in our for the most part lovely, beach side community carrying WEAPONS disturbs me. My father was NYPD, I grew up with a firearm in our home. That is much different then an entire town walking around with concealed weapons — not to mention it makes the job of a police officer much more risky. Your immediate inclination toward a violent response would probably be much more interesting to a psychiatric professional anyway.

  26. No one can “guarantee” anything, but I would much rather have the option of defending myself. You are suggesting that we deny people that option. Unless you can “guarantee” that I will never be the victim of a violent crime, I would prefer defending myself over being a victim. Why is that so difficult to understand?

    Of course increased police presence is a good idea; the two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

    Again, you claim to be disturbed by people exercising their rights. Your opinion disturbs me. Should I call for you to be censored? How would armed, law abiding people make things difficult for the police? Are people going to start suddenly attacking the police? I am amused that you feel my belief in self defense and individual rights requires psychiatric help, yet you feel that your phobia of inanimate objects is completely normal.

  27. I don’t think Clem meant “Minority” in the same way that you are interpreting the term, LBgirl. I think he meant the minority of people going out and committing violent crimes.

    .. racist

  28. He meant it exactly the same way I did. It is not racist to say that a minority committed a crime when they did. I am of Spanish and Colombian decent and I tell my parents all the time that if certain classes of people are committing crimes, why is it wrong to say so? Again, I’m not saying all of them are committing crimes. I’m just saying that when they are, one shouldn’t fear being labeled as a racist when they say so.

  29. Instead of fighting each other on this poor man’s blog, you should be calling City Hall in order to ignite a fire under city councils ass to give us more info. on the recent slew of violent events in our community.

  30. “The reality is that a male jogger was mugged at 10:20 PM at Lincoln Blvd. by 5 teenagers”
    5 teenagers.. nothing about their racial makeup here.

    And who are you to say that “most of the people starting trouble are the minorities.”
    Where do you get your facts from? And is this what you teach your daughter?

  31. While you may be willing to take that risk, fortunately our city and State don’t agree, which is why you AREN’T allowed to carry concealed weapons in public. On a separate note, I would imagine a criminal has a bit more experience shooting a firearm than the average citizen, as confident in your avenger role as you seem, so this is probably in your best interest, as much as you feel deprived of your undeniable right to murder somebody.

    And are you seriously referring to guns, a tool whose singular purpose is to end the life of another human being, as nothing more than a mere inanimate object? You seem very fired up to protect yourself, while at the same time appear to be completely removed from the devastation and tragedy guns can cause. Go spend some time in some of the areas of the city where there actually is gun violence on the regular, and call it a ‘phobia.’

    As you pointed out, our legal system is flawed. Allowing you to carry a concealed weapon would also open up that right to future criminals to do the same. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why the increase of guns in the hands of civilians makes the job of a police officer more difficult.

    My exercising of my right to free speech cannot inadvertently kill anybody. You hiding behind a constitutional right that was created before guns had the power to fire out several rounds in mere seconds does. And it is not your “right” to carry a concealed hand gun in NY. In fact, it’s against the law.

    Perhaps you should move to Arizona, where you can carry your gun freely in public. It really seems to have worked out well for them there.

  32. If you read my comment carefully, I never said that the incident that took place on the boardwalk involved a minority. I said that a minority stole my daughter’s bike (FACT) and that when I walk the boardwalk, there is ALWAYS a crowd of minorities menacing people, including myself (lewd comments about wanting to do certain things to me) and to add to that, a minority woman frequently walks up into my driveway which is a good 25 ft from the front of my house to look through my garbage. She is trespassing on private property. When I bring my garbage to the curb, she is more than welcome to look through it. As for what I teach my daughter. I teach her that there are good and bad people in every race and nationality. She is of Puerto Rican decent (her father) and I tell her that if she doesn’t want people to think poorly of her, she should behave accordingly. Again, please pay attention to what I am saying. I never said all minorities commit crimes. I merely said that when they do, it is not racist to say so.

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  36. Just as every cop is a criminal
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  38. Wait what? We aren’t arguing about who is comitting these crimes right now. This article was written to inform everyone of what’s going on so that we are all able to do something about it. While I agree with some of your points, let’s save that for another time and come together so that we can do something about this and stop it before it’s too late

  39. All the animals come out at night – whores, skunk p*****s, buggers, queens, fairies, dopers, junkies, sick, venal. Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.

  40. My suggestion to women is this.

    If you do not have a pistol license then carry a LARGE screwdriver.

    If a person accosts you on the boardwalk or anywhere else assume they are trying to kill you.

    Fight back right away and with everything you have and sink that screwdriver right in their brain.

    Thats my advice.

  41. What??? Are you suggesting I carry a screwdriver in my bag? How about have increased security on the boardwalk to start? Unless you know something that we don’t Levi. . . ?

  42. I am saying this.

    If you are a law abiding citizen and are attacked it is imperative that you react instantly and with massive lethal force.

    Make the animal that attacked you the victim and leave him/her dead in the street instead of you.

    In addition, make NO statement to the police other than you want to go to a hospital for trauma and request a lawyer.

    When the police check the criminal record of the person you killed they will agree that you did the community a service and that will be that.

  43. This is a dangerously ignorant statement. Quite simply put, gun control laws only keep guns out of law abiding citizens. You think a criminal is going to register his gun? He might as well walk into the police station and give them a fingerprint sample while he’s at it.

  44. I pack a .357 Magnum. No one has ever Mugged or Raped a .357. If someone attempts to Mug me he will be a DEAD MAN. This is a warning to these punks the next mugging may be you last.

  45. Unless you are a current, or Retired Police Officer, you can not legally carry a gun on the B walk. You do not have the right to defend yourself with a firearm, only current or Retireed LEO can do that. Keep that in mind next time you go to vote. As for the screwdriver, if they megger has a Pistol, the screwdriver would do you little good and only likley would get you hurt, or killed.

  46. Tom, while you plan will work effectively and legally, in most all of this Country. Here, the NC D.A. would have a field day with you. You will be alive, but in prison. A shame you do not have the inherenet right to self defense in NYS, or certainly in N.C. Remember that when you go out to vote.

  47. Someone mentioned increased security, which, with the taxes we pay here, would make sense.
    Unfortunately all our money goes into their retirement funds instead.

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