City Manager Charles Theofan Comments on the Boardwalk Beating

To his credit, City Manager Charles Theofan has responded to my email sent to all members of the City Council regarding last night’s beating and mugging on the boardwalk.  In the interests of full disclosure and transparency, I am just going to paste my email and his response.  His response is on top and my original email is below.




It is standard operating police procedure in all departments that I have been familiar with…is not to give out information regarding crimes to individuals calling to ask for details about a crime that is under investigation.

The reality is that a male jogger was mugged at 10:20 PM at Lincoln Blvd. by 5 teenagers, one of whom punched him in the head knocking down, he might have lost consciousness momentarily. The ran off and he realized they had taken his iphone. There was NO gun or any weapon involved.

I believe that arrests will be forthcoming.

Charles Theofan


Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 2:05 PM

To: Charles Theofan; Thomas Sofield Jr.; Mona Goodman; John C. McLaughlin; Michael Fagen; Len Torres
Cc: Anthony
Subject: Boardwalk Violence


I’ve had confirmed that a man was beaten and robbed at gunpoint on the Boardwalk last night.

When we contacted the Police Department for more info, the detective on call told us we needed to submit a written request, in person to receive any details on the matter – no email, no fax. I find that absurd.

Am I to believe that the Police Department spokesman will only comment to the public after receiving a FOIA request?

Please get back to me with any details related to this matter and what the City plans to do.



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