City Manager Theofan’s Comments on the Boardwalk Beating Part II

City Manager Theofan has replied to my follow-up email with two of his own.  I’ll let you judge his response for yourself, and discuss it in a later post.

My Email:

Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 4:25 PM

Hi Sir,

Thanks for taking a few minutes to answer my email, I – and my readers, the residents of Long Beach, greatly appreciate it.
Thank you for the official account of the story.  I will update my post accordingly.
I’ve continued to report that a gun was present because that is what I heard from the friend of the victim.  I will consider that claim now suspect based on your input.

After hearing this story, my girlfriend – and several of her friends – are basically terrified to go out for a jog now alone after dark – a privilege we have always been able to enjoy because of the safety and security of Long Beach.
With this violent event last night, and I’m hearing from my readers about a string of other violent events on the Boardwalk in previous weeks, will there be increased patrols or another response by the LBPD?
Will this be added to tonight’s City Council meeting agenda?
Again, I very much appreciate you answering this directly and getting involved in the story.
His Reply


Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 4:55 PM


I have not heard about any other violent crimes having recently taken place on the boardwalk.  I just had one of our detectives check the computer by accessing the boardwalk as the “location” of the crime, nothing was generated for August or September.  I will have a more detailed search conducted.  As with the “gun” allegation, rumors are often based on little or no facts.

Only resolutions to be voted on can be placed on the Council’s agenda, and this is not a “good and welfare” meeting, which permits comment on any matter.

I might make a short statement to correct the rumor that this was an armed robbery.



Then later, he followed-up again

Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 5:20 PM


Actually there was another robbery on the boardwalk on the 17th of September, that was the only other one, I checked back through June.

Charles Theofan 

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  1. This is great. Thanks for this Shaun! And it’s the truth- my husband and I wanted to go for a walk, but instead we are staying in tonight. While I appreciate Theofan responding, what I would appreciate most is a solution or a plan. Especially now, when there were two attacks in the past 3 days.

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